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Introducing myself!

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Hi to everyone! I'm new to the forum, so here's myy introduction~ I was introduced to the game a few month ago by a friend, and she STRONGLY recommended that I should get a forum account too. so here I am! Apparently I won something really awesome that I have no idea about? I actually got really confused

My scroll name is Koyoku. I'm kind of regretting typing a random name in...If anyone is reading this, is there a way to change scroll names?

And since I'm supposed to be introducing myself, here's a piece of fun fact about me: I love superhero movies! And my favourite character is iron man XD


Another question for anyone reading this: somehow I couldn't edit my profile and I seem to be having different tab compared to my friend's...Is there a reason for this?

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Hello and welcome! When you are logged in and clicked your profile name, you should see a Profile option at the top. When you click that, there should be an Edit Profile button on the top right, in between the See my activity and Display Name History buttons. What tab is different from your friend's?


There is currently no way to change your scroll name,  but you can create a new thread in Suggestions and Requests if you would like that feature. TJ, the site creator, does read the threads and implements some of the suggestions he sees. 


I also like superhero movies, and my favorite character is Captain America. I think Chris Evans has the role down. B)

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Hi to everyone above! Thanks for the awesome suggestions; now I'm finally seeing the editing tab in the profile page (before it didn't exist somehow).


I'm going to watch spiderman this afternoon >w< my friend told me it was real goo. Holland is super cute and I'm also looking forward to see what role iron man play in it  >v<

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. New users (ie users who have not validated by creating an intro) have limited permissions, which would be my guess for why you couldn't edit your profile before. ^^

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