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ANSWERED:Change "recently browsing" view when anonymous

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I am not a fan of the way the "recently browsing" feature works. Currently it displays your own username to you if you are logged in anonymously but does not display it to anyone else. The problem is that there is no indication as to the fact that you are logged in anonymously and it looks like your name is visible to everyone. It's quite possible that other people don't mind this at all but it's driving me nuts and I would love to see it changed.


My proposal is to somehow alter the way "recently browsing" looks so that it is clear when you are logged in anonymously v. non-anonymously. I've made a couple mockups as to what it could look like. Option one is just not putting down the username at all on anon mode and option two is changing the display to Username(anon) instead of just Username. Another possible alternative could be italicizing your name when you are anonymous. I am open to any other suggestions that people have too!

forum proposal.png

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In the old forums, it was:


Recently Browsing: 10 amount of people: 3 guests, 2 anonymous users, and 5 online members. 


An example of the old forums versus the new one and I kind of miss it.

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