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My name is redluv and I have been a member since 2009 I have forgot how to do many things on here mainly forgot how to post my stuff to hatch my eggs.

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^


Raising your eggs has actually changed a bit since 2009. It used to be we had to rely on forums (we had a huge community on gaiaonline) to raise our eggs. Then fansites started cropping up, but we had to have staff for each fansite manually clean them out, while today, they are more or less self-cleaning.


So, you can raise your dragons using forums (it's not allowed to post for views here, though). To get the correct code for that, either go to an egg's view page and select "Show HTML/BBCode Links" (that will give you the link for an individual dragon) or go to "Account" and then select "Get HTML/BBCode" (that will give you the link for all your growing dragons). Copy whichever link is appropriate for where you're posting (forums are usually BBCode while social media might use HTML) and paste it wherever you're sharing your eggs. You need other people to view your eggs for them to grow.

Or you can use fansites to raise your dragons. Simply go to the fansite and enter your scrollname (your cave username), then submit. Then you'll get a list of your growing dragons to select which ones you want to enter into the site. You can find a list of offsite, active fansites here.

Finally, you can use a mix of forums and fansites to raise your eggs; whatever you find works best for you.


If you want an idea of how many views/unique views/clicks to aim for, trying clicking around on some scrolls for the forum. Finally, if you're still really lost, you can ask a mentor to help explain things to you and help you figure things out. You can request a mentor here. Note that mentors can help you figure out how to raise your dragons; they are not here to raise your dragons for you.


As well, don't forget to check out the cave help pages, which should give you a quick overview of the site, from raising your dragons to using BSAs. :3

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Herro! ^_^ Seems Socks has you covered. If you have any more questions, the loves over at The Mentoring Project would love to talk to you. The help section is also a gem. I hope you have as much fun here as I have. See ya around!

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