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Go Fish - Dragon Edition

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Goodness, I haven't collected close to that many. :wacko: Go fish.


I can create one: https://dragcave.net/lineage/B7SLW


A stair/spiral with an alpine breed and jungle breed

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11 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

What, no white pygmy, drake or two-headed yet?! Not even a yellowish two-head ...

Ooh, that's true. Glaucus drakes are close to white. And bauta at least has a pair of yellow masks.


Go fish. I think I had one until dusk pygmies were released.


An unnamed dragon whose parents are named

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Go fish!


A lineage with at least 4 different blue breeds in it.

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Not a chance, go fish. :lol:


A lineage of blue, red, and black

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