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Warrior Cats: The Prophecy (1x4 OPEN)

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It was decades ago when the five Clans merged into one, after the rapidly growing twoleg population limited their territory and numbers. Once they were ShadowClan, ThunderClan, SkyClan, RiverClan, and WindClan, and now...they are FogClan. With two leaders, two deputies, and two Medicine Cats, control over such a Clan isn't very difficult, particularly because of the Clan's dropping numbers. Prey was slowly growing scarce, the water was growing contaminated..the Dark Forest was no longer the threat.

The twolegs were.

And now, the Clan seeks help from StarClan. And, they have given a prophecy...but is it too late to save FogClan and find a new home?

((NOTICE: This roleplay was originally a 1x1 between Mia and Red. However, we agreed to open it up to two others users, should it catch interest. Red and Mia will therefore be in charge)


Typical roleplay forums rules. Be polite, listen to mods, and listen to Mia and Red. Please keep things PG-13, and decently realistic. No green cats!

Active Members:

20mia08, redfox, OPEN, OPEN, Medicine Cat position is OPEN!!

Character Sheet Outline:












Hiddenstar - Handsome black smoke tabby tom. Lives 9/9 (20mia08)

Blizzardstar - White she-cat with bright blue eyes. Lives ?/9 (redfox)


Orchidbloom - Gray tabby she-cat. (20mia08)

Graystreak - Gray she-cat with lighter gray streaks and yellow eyes. (redfox)

Medicine Cats:

Willowsong - Tortoiseshell she-cat with brown streaks. (redfox)

OPEN (Mia doesn't feel like owning a Medicine Cat today, so take it while you can!)


Shadowwhisper - Dark blue-gray tom with bright green eyes. (20mia08)

Fawnwing - Fawn colored she-cat with blue eyes. (redfox)

Aphidwing - Red ticked tabby she-cat. (20mia08)

Pantherspirit - Small smoke mink tom with blue eyes. (20mia08)



Gustpaw - Mottled brown tom.





Kestrelkit - Gray, orange, and white tabby she-cat. (redfox)




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Mia's Characters

Name: Hiddenstar

Gender: Tom

Rank: Leader (Lives 9/9)

Age: 23 moons; Young Adult

Appearance: Muscular black smoke tabby. Image

Character: Despite being leader, Hiddenstar is a very chill and overall relaxed guy. He has a very strong fun-loving nature and a strong taste for adventure, as well as some crude and merciless humor. He's very loyal to FogClan, and was practically groomed to be leader since birth. He knows his manners, but doesn't always love to use them. He can be very sarcastic when irritated, and is known for being extremely stubborn.

History: FogClan born-and-raised. His mother, Birchstar, raised him by herself, since her mate died shortly after Birchstar became pregnant. Regardless, Hiddenstar remained strong for his mother, and frequently looked to the future. He originally wished to be the greatest warrior of the Clan, but all things changed when his mother made him her own apprentice. She intended on having him succeed her as leader, because she was growing old and saw great potential in him. To this day, Hiddenstar resents his mother for doing this, but accepts his fate. He doesn't like talking about her.

Family: Mother: Birchstar Brother: Shadowwhisper

Other: He can be a real big derp at times


Name: Orchidbloom

Gender: Molly

Rank: Deputy

Age: 34 moons; Young Adult

Appearance: Pretty gray tabby. Image

Character: Orchidbloom was motherly at birth. She is a very kind and understanding soul, making her a prefect companion or shoulder to lean on. She's a very intelligent feline with a long fuse, making her a perfect mentor to younger cats. Orchidbloom is a very level-headed individual with undoubted loyalty to her clan, but a very stubborn mind. Because of her wisdom, Orchidbloom tends to be very opinionated, and changing her mind can be very difficult. She can be very quiet at first, because it takes time to gain her trust, but once she makes a strong bond, she keeps that bond for life. To go behind her back is one of the worst mistakes a cat can make.

History: Orchidbloom's history is unknown. She was born outside of FogClan's lines to a massive hard-core rogue clowder, that was eventually disbanded by twolegs. Everything else is unknown, and she prefers to keep it that way.

Family: Unknown



Name: Shadowwhisper

Gender: Tom

Rank: Warrior

Age: 23 moons; Young adult

Appearance: Dark blue-gray tom with bright green eyes. Image

Character: Shadowwhisper has always been very similar to Hiddenstar in nature. Relaxed, a fun cat...but he seems to take life much more seriously. He's secretly a hopeless romantic, but very cautious about the relationships he forms, after having his former mate cheat on him with a rogue tom. Ever since, he's been very mellow and quiet, and has serious trust issues. Regardless, he remains much of a dreamer.

History: Shadowwhisper was but a shadow to Hiddenstar, in the eyes of their mother. She had little interest in Shadowwhisper, because he didn't seem like the perfect future leader. However, Hiddenstar and Shadowwhisper have always been close, even when Birchstar was alive. They always supported each other and remained side-by-side, even after Shadowwhisper's major break up.

Family: Mother: Birchstar Brother: Hiddenstar



Name: Gustpaw

Gender: Tom

Rank: Apprentice (Mentor: Open)

Age: 8 moons; Adolescent 

Appearance: Mottled brown tom with ice blue eyes. Image

Character: Ahhh, the obnoxious little snot!! Gustpaw is a royal pain in the rear with a horribly arrogant nature. He's a very rebellious little turd who's very selfish, and listens primarily to himself. That's all they see him as: a pain in the butt with an ego. Well, truthfully, this selfish brat has a huge ego because that's all he has: himself. Gustpaw is secretly misunderstood by his Clanmates. He puts up a big act because of his insecurity, and deep down, is actually a pretty decent guy. He's brave, bold, independent, sociable, ambitious, and very compassionate. Share his dreams, let him get his way, work hard on making a friendship with him, and you've got the greatest side-kick ever. He'll serve you for life! 

History: Gustpaw was abandoned when he was merely 1.5 moons old. Young, but still old enough to remember. His parents had no interest in keeping him, so they left him to die, until a FogClan patrol picked him up and saved him just in the nick of time. He was adopted by an aging Queen, but in the end, she passed away, leaving him to be by himself once again. And the aging Queen's litter, Gustkit's adopted brothers and sisters, ended up dying from Greencough as well. And then, he was all alone, left by everyone, not adopted again...leaving him to grow up bitter and envious.

Family: Unknown (all deceased/unimportant/gone)



Name: Aphidwing

Gender: Molly

Rank: Warrior

Age: 21 moons; Young adult

Appearance: Red ticked tabby. Image

Character: Compassionate and notably quiet, often overlooked by her Clanmates. She's very introverted and wishes to prove her worth to her Clanmates, but she's unsure as to how she should do so. She's very sweet natured, and opens up to those closest to her.

History: Born in the Clan and raised there.

Family: Unknown



Name: Pantherspirit

Gender: Tom

Rank: Warrior

Age: 30 moons;  Young adult

Appearance: Small smoke mink tom with blue eyes. Image

Character: Pantherspirit is a very anxious cat, although undoubtedly courageous when it's life or death. He's overprotective of those he's close to, and will even threaten to kill when those he cares about are at risk. He tends to be very jump and skittish, although when there's no pressure on him, he tends to be relaxed and calm. With his Clanmates, Pantherspirit is decently social and loyal towards his few close friends, although getting on his bad side can be very horrible. He's sarcastic and ruthless towards those he dislikes. 

History: Born and raised in the Clan, and fell in love with a young she-cat. They had a litter of kits together, but they were all killed off by a Greencough. He became extremely depressed afterwards, and remains a bit blue to this day. A close friend or new lover could probably bring him out of his shell, or a trusty apprentice.

Family: Mate and kits are deceased. Rest are unknown.


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red's characters:


Name: Blizzardstar
Gender: Molly
Rank: leader (9/9 lives)
Age: 24 moons, young adult
Appearance: white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Character: is very caring and kind towards everyone in the clan, motherly in a way. she tries to be stern at times but it doesn't always work. can be a bit stubborn at times around Hiddenstar but then they always work out whatever arguments that sometimes crop up that causes her stubbornness.
History: doesn't usually talk about it unless someone asks.
Family: none; they all died when she was an apprentice.
Other: N/A


Name: Graystreak
Gender: Molly
Rank: deputy
Age: 22 moons, young adult
Appearance: gray colored with lighter gray streaks and yellow eyes
Character: takes her job at protecting Blizzardstar very seriously and rarely leaves her side. she always makes sure that someone is with her when she goes on patrol or hunting with a small group from the clan. she’s been told that she's a bit too protective but she just wants to be sure their other leader is safe.
History: neither she nor Fawnwing talk about it much or not at all.
Family: sister - Fawnwing
Other: N/A for now


Name: Willowsong
Gender: Molly
Rank: medicine cat
Age: 21 moons, young adult
Appearance: tortoiseshell with brown streaks
Character: good at her job with healing all her clanmates, nice, kind, and motherly.
History: it brings back sad memories for her so she doesn't talk about it. she was there when the incident occurred and doesn't like to relive it when it's brought up.
Family: none anymore; they were killed when she was an apprentice for medicine for medicine cat.
Other: N/A


Name: Fawnwing
Gender: Molly
Rank: warrior
Age: 23 moons, young adult
Appearance: light brown like a fawn with blue eyes
Character: kind, can be a bit shy at times, is always trying to be more helpful with things such as patrolling and hunting, and even volunteers to keep watch over the clan during the night to make sure that nothing bad will come in and attack anyone there.
History: mentioned in Graystreak's form.
Family: sister - Graystreak
Other: likes Shadowwhisper but she keeps that to herself.


Name: Kestrelkit
Gender: Molly
Rank: kit
Age: 1.4 moons
Appearancegray-striped tabby with a bit of white and orange
Character: sweet, oblivious to things (like hawks and eagles), likes to beg with her eyes of she wants to play with someone, and curious about everything.
History: her mom and dad were killed by a monster (car) when she was 1 moon old and she doesn’t remember.
Family: the only family she knows is the queen taking care of her.
Other: loves to play with Fawnwing and likes to hear the stories that the elders tell.


I decided to make a kit just because :)

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Roleplay will begin soon, added a few more cats for potential kill-fodder. 


Get it while you can! I gave up my MC position because I'm not really interested in having one.

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okay and I can't wait to start ^_^

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Name: Poisonfang

Gender: Male

Rank: Warrior

Age: 40 Moons Adult

Appearance: Here

Character: Poisonfang is a strong Warrior. A good hunter, fighter, and guardian to those around him. Unfortunately he has a sharp tongue, and will often come off as rude or angry when deep down he really cares for all in the Clan.

History: RPed later, trying to help launch this off.

Family: Leafsong- Sister

Other: He loves to practice fight. A lot.


Name: Leafsong

Gender: Female

Rank: Medicine Cat

Age: 30 Moons Young Adult

Appearance: Here

Character: Leafsong is a extremely loving, bubbly, and social cat. She loves her job as medicine cat, she loves her grumpy brother, she loves the Clan! As such though, she has little experience with hunting and fighting, but gathering herbs and berries is a breeze for her.

History: RPed later, trying to help launch this off.

Family: Poisonfang

Other: She loves grooming others as a way to socialize.

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Hey, I don't know if this is still active. I'd love to join, so I'll post my character. If it's not active, that's okay. It was a cool concept.


Name: Ashstripe

Gender: Female

Rank: Medicine Cat

Age: 21 moons (Young Adult)

Appearance: Gray tabby

Character: A young and excitable she-cat recently promoted to Medicine Cat after the former one retired. She can be a little scatterbrained, but is fastidious about keeping her herbs sorted. She's unusually sensitive to messages from StarClan

History: A descendant of Tigerstar through his son Bramblestar, her parents finally managed to shake the shadow of his influence. Or have they...?

Family: Father, Swallowstripe. Mother, Sagetalon. Siblings, Lightflame, Splashflurry

Other: Though a bit bubble, she does like her alone time

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