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Next Generation Heroes vs Villains

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Earth has fallen to a new generation of superheroes and villains. The government was not so welcoming to these superhumans when they first arrived on Earth in the year 2150. The government tried to contain all the superhumans, keeping them away from Earth's citizens. They quickly learned that these people were far stronger than their military equipment. The government soon realized they couldn't contain all the superhumans inhabiting and populating Earth. With the ongoing battle of good vs evil, the government decided it was too risky to contain the superheroes and villains that they had captured. They released any of the superhumans they had in attempt to keep their citizens safe. It's now the year 2200 and superhumans live peacefully among humans. While each villain has their own demented motives, superheroes have vowed to protect Earth and it's citizens and take down the threat of villains. We begin our story in the middle of New York City. What do you stand for? What will you fight for?


1. All DragCave rules apply.
2. No more than 3 characters per person.
3. No more than 2 powers per character if they are a hero or villain.
4. Don't kill another character unless agreed upon.
5. Romance is allowed but dirty goes to PM.
6. No OP or godmodding.
7. Use parenthesis () when talking OOC.
8. Respect other characters, don't ignore or bully anyone.
9. Don't talk for other characters.
10. Only humans or superhumans.
11. Any questions, just ask.
12. Please be courteous and give a heads up if you're going to be inactive for a while.


Character Sheet:
Weaknesses: (At least one)
Additional comments:



Name: Gwenovier, Gwen for short
Nickname: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Backstory: At a young age, when the government was still trying to rid Earth of superhumans, her parents were murdered by government officials. She was taken in and raised by the government, for they were unsure if she was a superhuman as well and wanted to observe her. As she grew up, she discovered her powers of being able to transform her identity into that of any person she came in contact with. She also discovered that she could summon a force shield. As she grew up, she became stronger and stronger. The government wanted her for her power and kept her. It wasn't until she discovered that the government was responsible for her parents death that she rebelled against the government. She began killing down government officials and civilians who tried stopping her. She wanted them to suffer the same fate her parents did. With government training, she has come to be one of the more powerful, most wanted villains.
1. Has the ability to change her appearance to be whoever she comes into contact with. But she has to touch them to take on their appearance.
2. She can summon a force shield around her and others within a 2ft radius of her but only for 15 seconds at a time.
Weaknesses: Her powers are weakened by fire or electricity.
Personality: She has managed to live her life under the radar as a wealthy person. She lives an upscale lifestyle. She likes to tempt men and lead them to her place so she can torture and kill them. 
Appearance: Gwen She usually wears revealing and provocative dresses and clothing, heels,and wears her hair down.
Gear/Equipment: She is usually equipped with a pistol and throwing knives.
Additional comments:

Name: Skylar, Sky for short
Nickname: Anonymous
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Backstory: She was born from a family with avian DNA, giving her wings and the ability to fly. After college, she teamed up with the government and began working for them as a criminal profiler.  Over the years, they challenged her with bigger cases. Eventually she became head of her department and had a serious relationship with another man working in her unit. At this time, Gwenovier rebelled against the government. During her attack on the government, she killed Sky's partner and her coworkers. Ever since, Sky has retired from working with the government. She went off grid, tracking down Gwenovier by herself. She hunts down villains who cross her path but never takes credit for it. Groups of heroes search for her in hopes to team up with her. She is often referred as Anonymous since nobody knows her true identity.
1. The ability to sprout wings and fly.
2. Can turn invisible for 30 seconds at a time.
She has government combat training, specialized weapon skills, and advanced interrogation skills.
Weaknesses: Her wings are sensitive to fire and ice and become useless if they become wet. Electrical charges interrupt her ability to turn invisible.
Personality: She is a woman of few words. She fights for what she loves and believes in serving justice when needed. She usually keeps to herself unless someone strikes up a conversation with her. She is very careful about keeping her identity hidden.
Appearance: Sky She dresses casually, often in jeans and a solid colored shirt. Her wings are entirely black and cover a 10ft span when open.
Gear/Equipment: She carries specialized government weapons such as grenades, a handgun, and knives.
Additional comments: She is a few weeks pregnant but doesn't know it yet.

Name: Spencer, or Spence
Nickname: Bolt
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Backstory: Spencer grew up studying to be a doctor. Eventually, he got his M.D. degree and pursued his career as a doctor. He is now one of the most widely know doctors in New York. 
1. Has super enhanced speed.
2. He wears a metal band on each wrist that allow him to summon and control electricity.
Weaknesses: Without his metal bands, he can't summon electricity. He also can only run with enhanced speed for 5 minutes at a time.
Personality: He is a very intelligent man who loves to help people. In his spare time he often reads novels or studies textbooks. He loves to learn new things and is very neat and orderly.
Appearance: Spencer He usually dresses in suits or very nice clothing. He always keeps his hair combed and well groomed. 
Gear/Equipment: He almost always wears his metal bands on his wrists. He often carries basic medical supplies in his car.
Additional comments:

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