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Group colour sort splits dragons up by gender

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Something I noticed, when viewing this group of mine, is that a large number of the dragon species with dimorphic sprites--and only species with dimorphic sprites--are split up according to gender. This includes ones where the colours on both males and females are exactly the same, not just ones like Hellfire Wyverns where the males and females have different colour schemes. Most of them are still in the same broad colour range with several species between the males and females.


That said, there are also some strange colour designations: Sunset Dragons, male Ember Dragons, Red Dorsal Dragons, Sinii Krai Dragons, Fell Dragons, male rainbow Copper Dragons, bronze Lunar Herald Dragons and red Fire Gem Dragons are sorted with the pink-coloured dragons while male Flamingo Wyverns are sorted with the red-coloured dragons. Blue and white Zyumorph Dragons are with the grey-coloured dragons. Albino Dragons and female white Stripe Dragons appear in the middle of the orange section (while male White Stripes are with the white-coloured dragons). Female Ember Dragons are in the midst of a group of brown dragons which is in turn in the middle of the orange dragon section, as are both male and female Monarch Dragons. Predominantly brown dragons seem to be scattered throughout the oranges and yellows rather than having their own section. There may be more I missed, and I know I don't have every species or colour variant represented in that group.

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