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Wow my dragons are still alive how xD I haven't been on for half a year.

Lawl, okay.

I'm ZiganaDS on the game, only 3 dragons. I try to keep things small.

I get lost in piles of adopts usually.


Hm. Ye.


Oh and my usernames/alias on most sights from oldest to latest:

FirePaw (I like fire. I like animals. Firepaw. I was so stupid back then xD)

Silvster/Silverstorm (My personal Warrior Cats Era. it hurts to think about it now)

ZiganaDS (Zigana Darkstorm. My Geotri gurl. Also a wolf character. My personal Wolf Fandom Era*still exists*)

AspenLeSheep (I like sheeps.)

AspenRukh (Aspen. My name. Rukh. My favorite animal)


And the main sites/apps I socialize on, not like I'm telling you my id you hopeful stalker:

Wechat (Chinese version of Skype/imessage)




Mostly it. :3

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Hello and welcome! If your dragons are adults, they won't die unless you kill them, no matter how long you've been gone. I personally like the name FirePaw because I love fire and animals. smile.gif

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Hi! If you need a mentor, just shoot me a PM smile.gif I can help get you started on the game, answer questions, etc.

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