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Hello... I'm saladass. Yeah, I know, it has a bad word--sorry, when I first made the account, I wasn't aware how much people would actually be able to see my scroll name... I thought I'd only need to use my dragon's names, which, if you've seen them, aren't really that much of a prize, either.


I've been an on-again-off-again user of Dragon Cave since like... 2015? My weird friend Chiara told me to make an account, and I was like "Yeah, sure, anything for you", and I ended up actually enjoying it rather than just using it to show her I liked the stuff she liked.


Though I started in 2015, I only have about 4 eggs that people would click on rapidly if I abandoned their offspring. Yeah. Me finding eggs that I actually want is rarer than the Cheese Dragon...


Mostly, I made this account just so I could openly make forums about trading eggs--I want to finally get my cursor on a Gemshard and make 2015 me proud and reign supreme over those who clicked faster than I ever would.


Thanks for reading. If you wanna check out my horrible dragon names ~Scrollspam removed~ ya go...


No, none of them have any words with the likes of my username.

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Hello and welcome! We can't include a link to our scrolls in our posts, but if you'd like you can add it to your signature. Your names seem fine to me. I hope you enjoy yourself here!

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Hi! If you need a mentor, just shoot me a PM smile.gif I can help get you started on the game, answer questions, etc.

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. There's a lot of great things here, like the Common Collector's Competition, where you can be given rares just for raising commons and Birthday Gifting, where you can get awesome presents during your birthday month. Might be a good opportunity for you or just something fun for your birthday! ^^


Good luck in your trading endeavors! Trying to figure out what drew you to your username in the first place, lol. =p

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