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Scroll Completion

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I'm going to sound super crazy, but:

  • 25 CB Males & 25 CB Females of each Breed.
  • 1 Frozen Male, 1 Frozen Female, and 1 Frozen Ungendered (where applicable) for each Breed.
  • CB Holidays from every year. May be a snow ball's chance in Hell of that happening... =/
  • All 12 Prizes in CB form (Male + Female Adult of each Sprite). *eye twitches*
  • Every. Single. Form. Of. Zombie. Including Hatchlings. *eye twitches again*
  • 5 CB Male Neglecteds, 5 CB Female Neglecteds, 5 CB No Gender Neglecteds, and 1 Frozen of each, including an Ungendered one. *more eye twitches*

I may think of other things, but those are the main ones... I'll never complete my scroll. XD

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I used to collect at least two adults of any lineage, two s2 and one s1 frozen hatchling. Since the introduction of the encyclopedia, it's changed: at least two CB adults (or clean hybrids), and any number of frozen hatchlings whenever possible. The hatchies now serve the purpose of 'dividers' within groups for easier sorting, usually dividing CBs from everything else.

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My main scroll goal is 10 CB breeding pairs of each dragon (so 10 male and 10 female). I have goals for one kind of each frozen hatchling and goals for 2nd gen hybrids, but I don't actively work towards them the way I do for my CB goals. If I happen to get dragons for freezing or hybrids, I consider it a bonus towards my secondary goals.


I'd lost a bit of motivation for pursuing my CB goals but with the introduction of the groups system I'm going strong again. :P

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Scroll Completion...drives me absolutely nuts! I've thought of quitting this game because of my self-imposed, maddening scroll goals. One day they might drive me into that limit. Who knows when that will be. 

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When I first started DC, my goal was to have at least 1 of everything. Since that happened, I kind of just keep on making up new things to achieve as I go on because I don't want to stop playing. :lol:

Now my goals are: 

-Name every dragon I get

-Find/breed mates for around 120 dragons I currently own

-Have as many stairstep prizes as possible!

-Get a CB prize (can't exactly work toward that one lol) 

And ever since I joined the forums I've wanted to one day get the ARK award. :D

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On 6/28/2017 at 10:20 AM, HeatherMarie said:

I just recently (last year) decided on what "scroll completion" means to me. It means 20 of each breed/variant, CB/lineaged doesn't matter. I now have a spreadsheet to help me keep track of what I have; I have very few "completed" breeds. I estimated that between rares and holidays, it will take me 2-3 years to complete my goals. Of course, new dragons are being added all the time, which means more to collect, so....


*looks at old post* HAHAHAHAHAHA!! 2-3 years?! Boy was I optimistic!! 😰


My goals have changed somewhat since that post, I'm now attempting to have mostly messies on my scroll. I'm keeping the CBs that have children on other scrolls, but all other CBs will become zombie fodder. This means that many of the breeds I've 'completed' collecting, I still need more of to eventually replace the CBs. I have technically 'completed' almost half of all breeds/variants by now, but that's not including replacing CBs. 


My biggest goal right now, though not 'completion' related, is to finish my very first lineage project, a 'lyrical' lineage with a poem from a beloved book.

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Some of you have really high goals... Wonder if mine are too low...? ^^'


I try to collect at least 2 CB adult pairs of each breed or 2gs for alts and hybrids. And I use to freeze a pair of second stage hatchlings, though these don't need to be CB. Also I care to have no single adult CBs, I always get a partner. At least where possible.

Dinos and chicken are excluded from my collection. I don't like the dinos much. They are funny but I prefer dragons. :) Propably I'll get me a chicken one day.


I consider my scroll as complete when I reached the adult goal. I exclude prizes and neglected here. Of course I want them too but I have really bad luck with randomizers. ;) And I just don't have anything super special that I could use for trade. Apart from a female paper (that can't breed). ^^ So I don't expect to ever get them.

Completing the hatchis is more a secondary goal. Having 2g/CB prizes and neglected are tertiary. Zombies are a nice to have as well. One of each type should be fine to begin with. If I ever complete this I may try to get partners for each zombie.


So far only a second CB gold female is missing for the primary goal. :) Close to be done and still far away. ^^

Still need several hatchlings but I don't think that'll take long.

For the tertiar goal... well I have some zombies. Probably I can figure out how the neglection thing works one day. My experiments haven't been successful until now.

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Right now my scroll goal is to have 2 CB pairs of each breed (catchable in the cave) / 2g for hybrids and alts. For unbreedables, 4 of each. 

For zombies, I'll try to have 1 for each stage first (which is still 3 or 5 per body type!). 

It's not really ambitious but it's kind of a "base goal". That would allow me to make any 3g checkers without any help! But it's not my final goal. It's just a little stone on the road before I can move on to bigger things! Though I won't wait to have 4 CB of all the super rares before getting a new goal (like, I don't know, 10 CB of each). I really like when you go to a scroll and there's plenty of each breed. I think it's prettier than when there's only a few :P But that's just my personal opinion!  


I've got like a mental list of priorities, things I should do once Valentine's event is over:

- For a month, have at least 5 or 6 eggs of Reds (don't care if they're messy, CB, etc). I always run short on them and want to build me a good stock.

- Then focus on the commons I'm missing for that scroll goal. Idem, at least 5 or 6 slots should be dedicated to that, so I can move on quickly. Try and catch some nice rares, too. 

- Collect. All. The. Aethers. In. The. World. 

- Make a massive Aether wall *insert diabolic laughter here* 

- Work on all the lineages I'm working on (my spreadsheet is getting longer and longer and I just add more to it before even finishing one. Bad!) 

- Collect more Purples and Aeons (preferably non-messy, but meh, I'm not picky). 

And there's probably more things to do. It will take time, but I'm in no hurry, honestly. I like having goals, otherwise I would just abandon the game... Actually, for years I wasn't a really active player. I came back for a few weeks and then forgot about the game, because my main goal was to "Catch CB rares" and when I didn't succeed I just moved on to another game. But now that I have a goal that's achievable (and that I don't put pressure on myself), I'm enjoying DC much more and I am more active than ever. So, yeah, not in a hurry! :D 


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My scroll goal was 8 CB (4 breeding pairs) for every dragon, 16 or 32 for some, and for very rare breeds (Metals) I go with 4 CB. Bred dragons don't go in the counter.
Plus variating goals for unbreedables. (Like 3 CB ND, one f, one m, one ungendered).

Those were my "basic scroll goals" and I reached those last fall when I finally got a female ND.
Now it's mostly "keeping up with new releases" and planning out new lineage projects. I also sometimes lurk on the AP looking for nice lineages.

Playing has become rather relaxing that way (except when it takes me six months to get that one single green Neb out of this one pair ...) :D


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I'm with a lot of people here, I have goals more than a desire to "complete" my scroll. The things I'm aiming for is at least one of every sprite (male female adults, hatchies S1, and s2.) With additional pairs per dragon I love. In addition to this, my main goal is to achieve every single combination of 2nd holiday X holiday pairings. This is my most important focus, as it is a time limited challenge that I love finding in the ap, or hunting down trades for it.

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