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Display Actions page when viewing group

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Currently when you go to a /group/# pag, the "Add to Group" is in the column where the Actions page usually is.


Though I can see how that'd be useful while groups are first being established, I don't really see the purpose of it for anyone who has stabilized their groups. I view my groups in order to do things to my dragons, not to add them to more groups.


Personally I would find it more useful to display the Actions page link in that column instead of Add to Group. Wouldn't mind seeing them both there, but that might be a little crowded.

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Did you notice the actions link appears when you use the "available for BSA" filter?

Of course the additional step is a little annoying when you really only want to use BSAs anyway. But if it is changed, there's no way to get the "add to group" link back (since the "ungrouped" filter won't work in a group).

I'd rather have both (relatively) easily accessible than to make "actions" immediately visible and in return completely lose the "add to group" link.


(If there's a solution that still allows to get the "add to group" dropdowns on a group page, I wouldn't mind if the actions link was the first thing visible by default.)

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