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Champion Blood - Breed, train and compete animals

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Champion Blood


Play it your way



Champion blood is an amazing new classic style RPG-SIM where you breed, train and compete animals from across the world. Build your establishment from the ground up or fix up a wreaked one, then start collecting your animals. Don't forget to train them. Maybe find them the perfect partner well your at in, hopefully you'll get a cute little baby to carry on their legacy!


CB is already building up a great little community of players and animal lovers so why not pop on over and check us out? I'm sure you'd love it wink.gif


Champion Blood




Completely free to play!

Browser based, You don't have to download a thing!

Create your establishment from the ground up or fix a wreaked one

Pick from any of the world species and breeds -we hope to add dinos are some point-

Compete is any sort of discipline or create one

Use real life genetics!

Create associations for species, breeds or disciplines

Host competitions at your establishment

Find special event bloodline animals

Join fun events and games

Make friends with people from across the world!










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