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How do you group your dragons?

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How are you grouping your dragons? By breed, lineage, dragon type, name, or something I have yet to think about?


Currently I'm grouping my dragons into breeding groups. Holidays in one group, even gen metals in another, even gen commons in another. I have separate groups for dragons who need mates to continue the lineage. There is some crossover between groups which drives my OCD a bit foolish, but I am loving the new group feature. It has increased my ability to continue lineages and to breed and drop lineages to the AP.


So what is your system? Does it work for you or are you looking to improve it?


Lets share ideas and discuss what works and doesn't work for us.

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I have one group for my completed Lovely Commons projects.

One group is for the Common Collectors Competition (probably going to be emptied and re-filled each month).


I made a bunch of groups for various types of codes, e.g. name-like ones (like Orsen), all-caps (like BLYCE) and so on.


I made groups for Reds and Dark Greens each (CB and PB only) for easier massbreeding. Will make the same for Blacks and Pinks later as well.


I have a reminder group ("still need to breed these and hope for a better result") xd.png


I also made a group for CB Xenowyrms and CB Zyumorphs each.


Also, groups for 2 of my (hopefully) long-running projects, economic inbreeding (only 1 CB pair xd.png) and basic summons (offspring of Sino & GoN pairs).

Also also, a group with my April Fool's dragons (born on any April 1st).


Planning to make 6 groups for holidays: christmas/halloween/valentine with and without mates, didn't have time for those yet.


I'm sorely missing the ability to custom-sort within my groups sad.gif and to sort my groups by "priority", not group ID. Even ordered by name would be better!

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I have... blink.gif 90+ groups so far, and probably will have more in the future.

I'm really hoping we'll be able to sort the groups within the group list someday so I can put the similar groups together.


It will take a while to add all my (9754) dragons to all the applicable groups and to find the best way of organizing holidays and unfinished projects and planned projects and "maybe some day" projects (and everything else tongue.gif )...

However, I think for now the most important groups are:


- CB Z codes (quick way to check of which breeds I still need CB Z codes, and also good for breeding)


- Breed for AP (I only add the males of my AP breeding pairs and then use the "available for breeding" filter - it makes finding and breeding those pairs a lot easier!)


- Breed for projects (same as above), so much easier than writing down "breedable again on [date, time]" in a spreadsheet after every breeding attempt


- CB Codes (really useful in combination with the "available for breeding" filter, too)


... In short: I seriously LOVE the group feature in combination with the "available for breeding" filter. I didn't even know how much I needed this before we had groups. biggrin.gif



I also started making a "looking for bloodswaps" group, but I'm not sure if that's useful because I think it would be a bit annoying for people to click each dragon and then click its lineage link just to see what it is that I'm looking for.

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I made groups to show off my metal hoards, special dragons, and finished breeding projects. My biggest project was sorting out all my CBs, which made me realize how many more I need. Then I made groups for all my holiday checkers.


I'm sure I'll make more as time goes on. But these have been really helpful so far.

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I have one Group each for my Purple Ridgewing and Magelight hoards, currently working on one for my finished Lovely Commons, and then my other six Groups are just me being a nerd and sorting together my dragons named for fictional characters. :3 xD Right now, my Groups are sorted by Breed, but I'm eagerly awaiting the ability to Custom Sort so I can put couples together!


I love the "Highlight" feature, especially if you have a special Group you're really proud of or something.

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I basically have 4 sets of groups:

For ease of finding the things when breeding (CBs, things with certain codes, certain breeds such as Metals, etc.)

Tracking collections (Z- and K- codes, and my Electric/Storm-Rider/Daydream/Soulpeace army)

Tracking lineage projects (everything from Thuweds to an inbred lineage I did to forum lineage groups)

And then Zombies (cause I always forget what pages they're on)

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