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New but Old

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Yep, I think I created my account 1-2 years back but I immediately lost interest after hearing it had something to do with clicking...Well a friend convinced me to come back so I'm technically a new player but I'm an old account?


I hope that makes sense, but hello! biggrin.gif

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Welcome to DC!


Please note that you agreed to the site terms when you registered on the cave: http://dragcave.net/terms You can refer back to these at any point by clicking the Terms link at the bottom of any cave page. These are the rules of the cave, so you'll want to know them, as your account will be banned if you break the rules.


I hope you enjoy the forums. I also don't really enjoy sites where adoptables require some hundred(s) of clicks to be raised. DC is awesome because clicks are a boost, but it's views/unique views that are really required. Fansites are awesome, so if you just leave any fansites you use up for a little while refreshing in the background every few days, you can give views back and easily raise your dragons without much effort. ^^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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