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Two Worlds Collide: Can Humans & Creatures Coexist

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((Hey it could've been Ravens long lost uncle. You know I wonder if we should keep track of the lunar cycle considering it affects some of us. Oh and I should say, Ron lives on the outskirts of the city, still some tall buildings but he's not in the CBD))


Ron flinched as someone grabbed his shoulder. He turned to see a young woman; distressed, her hair frizzled staring intently at him. He reflexively reached up and covered his nose Ugh she smells like she hasn't bathed properly in weeks! Ron gagged, he probably looked very rude but with his senses it smelled as if she'd been living in a cave.

Ron then caught on to what she had been saying.

A job? And that smell. She must be homeless. He exhaled loudly and closed his eyes, trying not to inhale through he nose.

"I'm sorry, I know it must be hard for you. The only reason I'm not in the same situation is you is that my parents are sending me money," Ron said, trying to be sympathetic.

He reached into his wallet and took out a few notes.

"Here, it's not much but it should be enough to get some food and some soap. You're dressed nice but no one will hire you if you smell like you've been sleeping on dirt... sorry I don't mean to offend, trust me I just had a job interview and it didn't go too well" He continued.

If he were an ordinary person he'd offer some of his own food but, with his diet he didn't really know how to cook food and raw meat wasn't healthy.

Ron looked over towards the CBD and sighed.

"Getting a job in the city is tough, it's a dog eat dog world, everyone's fighting for the food and some can only get by on the scraps. But that's why we gotta try our hardest! Good day, I wish you the best of luck!" Ron was getting far too enthusiastic about this as he shook the girls hands and gave her a wolfish grin. His stomach gave a loud gurgle and he started to walk off, back on course to the butchers.

Dog eat dog world... god if he she knew how ironic that was Ron thought to himself, amused.


((He's walking off but feel free to stop him, I didn't really know what other way to end it. Also I'm just assuming she smells because she does literally live in a cave, and Ron would be used to women reeking of perfume so she probably would smell worse than what he's used to))

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((I was thinking the same thing. We should leave it up to Cat to decide. Maybe she can update it in the first post?


Also: I was hoping you'd bring up the smell. She bathes in the river, but forget those clothes. She has no idea. It'd also be good cover for her own 'dog' smell. xd.png ))


Raven huffed indignantly at his response to her smell. She bathed two days ago! And, she smelled like the outdoors (she was proud of her acquired smell). Dumb city dweller. Doesn't know good smells when it hits him. Then he pushed some money into her hand and started walking off, leaving her alone again. She sighed defeatedly. Apparently she had no chance now. According to someone she needed another shower. The shifter looked down at her clothes and pulled her shirt out to study it. Maybe it was a little dirty. Fresh clothes wouldn't hurt. But you needed money for that. Where did people get clothes anyways? She turned her attention to the money in her hand. It was a generous amount. Surely it was enough to buy some clothes. "Hey, uh, wait up!" Raven jogged to catch up to the guy. "Thanks for the money all, and the hygienic tip but..." What could she tell this guy to explain why she had zero clue about anything outside surviving in the wild? Ah, that's it! "I'm foreign! Yeah! I'm not from here, and I have no idea how any of this-" The woman gestured to the city around her "works. If it isn't too much trouble... would you be so kind as to maybe help me out? I can make it worth your while!" What did she even have besides the clothes on her back? "I... uh..." She then remembered what her uncle used to do when the pack needed money: he'd sell off fresh game to local butchers and what not. People liked meat right? Meat was incredibly valuable to the pack. It was the lifeblood that kept them alive. "Can give you some fresh game? It's wild and really good. Better than anything these city dwellers could come up with I'm sure."


(( Now Ron has done it. Poor girl is like a lost puppy starved for human interaction.))



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(If you would like I can keep up with the moon phases in my posts and keep track of day/night but if you guys move at a faster pace you can feel free to change the time of day)

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((I like the idea of you keeping track of the moon because it would be an "event" sort of. Not just something where we're like "it's full moon so we're super strong now))


"Uh..." Ron was visibly flustered.

He'd already found the conversation somewhat awkward and the girl was dragging it on.

"Foreign? But you speak english fine, and you don't really have an accent" Ron exclaimed.

"Wild game..." He'd never really liked wild game, when he was first getting used to his abilities his family had suggested hunting he found the earthen smell of game left too strong an impact, freshly butchered cuts were much more bearable for his pallet.

But If I could sell it to the butcher, they might pay me! And if they do... maybe I could hunt wild game! Not eat it, but then I'd have a job! Ron shook himself, he was getting lost in his thoughts.

"I don't really like wild game myself, too... gamey" He hesitated for a moment then continued.

"What exactly did you want? I don't think I can help you any more than I have... and how can you give me game if you don't have a job? Wouldn't selling wild game be a decent form of income, if you can already do it you shouldn't need to be searching for a job?" As he continued to think about it, this girl was getting stranger and stranger.

She's foreign... but doesn't seem foreign, but that means she's not homeless?... I'm overthinking this

"Wait did you say these city dwellers? So you live out in a town somewhere? Why are you looking for work? Better yet why work in the city? From your tone it sounds like you don't like city dwellers..."

This is getting...odd Ron was starting to back up from the girl, looking intently at her. She didn't seem to have any hostile intentions, but something about her just wasn't genuine. He found his hand absentmindedly brushing at the locking mechanism hidden beneath his jumper.


((I'm thinking ronny here has social issues))

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((Raven has zero idea how anything works and is socially awkward. They're a good match xd.png ))


Does she tell him? He seemed nice enough. "Ok... well, if you're going to help me I guess I should be straight with you. I'm a shifter. A wolf shifter." Her eyes dropped from his. "I've never been to the city. I've been living on my own to the west. Supplies are running short and I needed money." Sighing, Raven looked back up to him. "I need clothes. A shower I guess. But I don't know how anything works..."

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Percy walked into town quietly as his tails wrapped around his waist. He gets into town looking around at all of the people hiding his head with a hood. He goes into a tavern and orders a small amount of food. Paying for the food he began nibbling on it slowly and quietly. He pushed a few seats as far as he could away from him not liking other people very much. The boys tails began swaying slightly while eating his food, sipping water as well.

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Ron stood looking curiously at the girl, who he still didn't know the name of.

"Wolf shifter... Do you mean like a werewolf? Change into a man-beast at the full moon?" He asked suspiciously.

I haven't heard of any others like me, and she seems far too young to have been the one who turned me... does she know what I am? Is she trying to get me to a lab or something

"Why-" he paused still thinking.

"Why are you on your own? Are you an orphan. Did your... curse drive you away from others?" Ron asked, still suspicious.

"Also I'm not the best authority on womens fashion so I don't know if I could help you with clothes".

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"Uhh... no not like that. Those are the 'mythical' lore type. My kind can shift at any time, but with the lunar phases our strength waxes and wanes. " Raven fell quiet when he asked why she was on her own. The enthusiasm dissipated and a darker aura surrounded her. "That's not something I prefer to talk about." Memories flooded her mind. She pushed them away. "I just need something passable." The shifter said, the peppiness slowly returning.

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Ron stroked his chin, intrigued.

"Thats... interesting... are you pulling my leg? If you prove it to me I'll help you," Ron said, crossing his arms.

He briefly looked around, I won't pry about why she's alone. But if she's uncomfortable transforming, if she can, there should be a place nearby that no one could see her. He noticed a nearby car park.

"If you want to do it privately just go over there and... I don't know, bark when I can come and look".

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Raven had no idea how big 'normal' wolves were supposed to be, so she assumed out of sight would be better for shifting. She preferred her wolf form to her human one anyways. If she thought she could get away with it, she would've chosen to walk the city in that form instead. It made getting a job and communication tough though. "Alright." The woman walked off to the nearby alley. The change didn't take more than a minute. Once completed, she stuck her head around the corner. Ears perked and tail wagging, the obsidian wolf gave a short bark.

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((Remember to proofread your posts kids tongue.gif He noticed an empty car park not an alley))


Wow she's big Was the first thing that popped into his mind. He could tell she had been the one to change, because no normal wolf was as big as a horse, even when he transformed he grew to about 7 feet, but he was usually hunched over.

He walked over to her and looked around.

"I guess your transformation includes your clothes, well in that case should you turn back now, I believe you and I don't think people would take seeing a giant wolf walking around too well... also I doubt you can talk in that form... a muzzle isn't the best to convey words," Ron suggested, the latter part he knew from experience.

God where do I go from here? I'm still hungry. Food first, shopping later He decided.

"What do you eat? I'm hungry and I was on my way to get food before you showed up, so that takes first priority before I help you," Ron held out his hand towards her.

"Since we'll be sticking together for a bit, and I seem to have gotten your circumstances wrong, could I have that money back? I'll just pay for the food as well as the clothes and life lessons. All I want in return is to meet your source for wild game, and a few questions answered," Ron finished, looking intently at her.

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(( Oh dear xd.png ))


Raven shook out her fur. The older pack members could communicate while in their wolf form. She wasn't sure if she left before they had the chance to teach her or if it was only in their species. Dang. She shifted back and adjusted her hair and clothes so they were acceptable again. "I eat anything and everything. Well, veggies less so. But everyone needs a balanced diet. Oh, I don't do raisins. Other than that I'll eat it." When he asked for the money back she pulled it back out and placed it in his hand with a shrug. "Sounds good to me."

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(( Hey there everyone~ A bit late to the party but I'm hoping to join as a harpy in the North Sector? Info below. ))


Name: Arcturus Aellis

Nickname: Artie

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Human or Specified Creature: Harpy (Owl)

Power: Flight, Heightened Vision, limited shifting between a human and bird form.

Weakness: Frail build with lightweight bones (for flight), meaning he can go down with one punch from even the average human.

Family: Alive and well for the most part, though he hasn’t seen them in a while. The majority of his flock resides near the mountains of North Sector 1, with a few distant relatives scattered around the cities.


Artie has resided comfortably in the city area of the North Sector 2 for several years. He arrived with his parents, who were looking for a better paying job than those offered in the quiet mountain village he was born in. Artie adapted quite well to the city life despite his parents dislike of it, and when they packed up to move again he decided to stay behind. Though he has dreams of becoming a renowned stage actor he’s made very little progress towards it, and instead pays the rent as a salesman for a popular 24/7 clothing store. He mostly tends to the night-shift for the store, dealing with their more nocturnal customers. While society generally tolerates harpies, they have a history of being thieves and con-artists and are often considered deceitful. For this reason Artie tries to appear more human during working hours, in fear it will affect his sales.

Children/Pets: None

In a Relationship: None

Picture or Description:

Natural Form

Owl Form (Hoping to draw this later, but this is similar to what it looks like)

Additional Notes: Shifting into a more bird-like or human form is difficult to maintain for more than a few hours at a time, due to the energy involved and general discomfort.


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(Accepted @Lycanious)


Chloe arrived at the mountain side. She parked her car and took Oliver out of the seat and set him beside her on his leash. "Let's go" she smiled to Oliver who simply stared at her and blinked as he flicked his tail at the sound of her voice. She began hiking up the mountain with her cat. She had a small backpack on which had basic hiking tools as well as snacks and water. A few hours later they had finally made it to the top. Chloe jumped with excitement as they reached the peak of the mountain. "Wooh! We did it!" She was just about to start hiking back down to her car when something caught her eye. She noticed on the other side of this mountain There was civilization. She could see a few homes here and there in the distance. "What the...?" She grew curious as everyone knew this land was uncharted and presumed uninhabited. Curiousity took over as she wanted answers. She tugged at her cats leash as she hiked down the other side of the mountain, unknowingly stepping into creature territory.


Celeste was still lost in the outskirts of the city. She listened for anyone who might approach her. She couldn't hear anyone around. She would occasionally hear a car pass by but that was it. She pulled the reins of her horse so he would follow her as She blindly walked through the city, eager to run into someone who could guide her back into the forest.


Aiden pulled his scarf over his mouth and nose. He couldn't stand the smell of all the creatures and beings in the city. He walked to a large building, which would turn out to be his work. He sighed not ready for the day. He wondered what new medicine he'd be attempting to make today.

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Frost flew above the trees, looking down slightly to find a place to land. She was afraid of poachers, she didn't like the fact that she was a rare phoenix. Angling down, frost started her descent to land.




Moon walked and walked. That's all she ever did now. She hated walking. That's all she ever did now. It was all because of her love for fish that got her into this mess. She groaned as she walked, not really about this.

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((I hope you don't mind me hijacking Raven just for the sake of moving))


"Well I'm on a strictly meat and grains diet, so the best I can give you is a burger or hotdog-"That's about as much as I know how to cook...

With that, Ron led Raven down the road towards the small shopping village where his usual butcher was located.

"Alright now that place is where you can get medicines if you're sick, and the big one in the center is where most people get their general groceries, it covers everything but you can also see there's stores specialized in breads, fruit & veg and of course meat," Ron said, walking towards the butchers.

He walked in and began browsing the various cuts they had.

"Alright, I'll get a one and a half kilos of sliced ham... 500 grams of the thighs. 600 grams of sausages, 12 of those chicken legs.... aaaaand a kilo of your beef mince," Ron finished.

He looked at raven, "Anything specific you want?... Ooh that steak looks good, I'll get 4 of the marinated ones, thanks".


((I don't actually know if thats a lot of meat, it seems a lot to me))

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(( Thank you~ ))


A young man slouched over the counter of his workplace, blood-shot eyes glued to the clock ticking away on the wall opposite of him. It had been a long and relatively uneventful night at the clothing store, and Artie could think of nothing more than curling up on the lounge in his cosy little apartment and sleeping through the rest of the day. He made a mental note to stop by the local markets on the way back, remembering that his fridge was basically empty. Gaze shifted to the window, squinting at the unwelcomed sunlight that was now peeking through it. I really should catch something for myself this time. He mused. I'll forget how to fly altogether at this rate. He stretched out his arms at the thought of it, trying to dull the severe muscle ache that was telling him he’d been in ‘human’ form for too long.


Finally the long hand of the clock struck twelve and he practically cheered at the sight of it, energy suddenly renewed. Artie shouted his fair-wells over his shoulder as he slipped on his coat and made a bee-line for the door, taking the muffled reply in the background as a sign that his replacement had arrived. A groan sounded as the light of the outdoors hit his eyes, blinding him momentarily while he fumbled for the sunglasses in his pocket. Even in this form he had exceptional eyesight, but it was much better suited to the night and caused him a great deal of headaches when he had to venture outside during daylight hours. He was quick to duck into a nearby alleyway for a bit of shade, not to mention a place to return to his usual form.


It wasn’t that he was…ashamed of it per say, he reminded himself as he watched the tawny coloured feathers sprout from his arms and the skin of his hands toughen into scales. It was just. Business was easier, this way. You just sold a lot more shirts when you didn’t have to convince someone you weren’t going to rifle through their belongings while they used the changing rooms, as was expected of most harpies. He huffed in annoyance, shaking his head to clear his thoughts as he stepped back out onto the streets as his usual self. The intent was to fly straight to that little shopping village he liked to have lunch at sometimes, but he had barely even had time to stretch out his wings before a flash of white in the corner of his eye caught his attention. His head swivelled around to follow it, finding what he considered to be a rather out-of-place horse being lead along by an equally out-of-place elf down the road. Normally he wouldn’t think much of it but, well, he didn’t want them to get run over or spooked by the cars now.

“Hey, erm. Madam?”

Trilled the harpy from across the street, flaring a wing to try and get her attention.

“Know it's not really my business but the cars can get pretty busy further up. Not sure it’s a good idea to bring a horse through here.”


(( Just a question, I know you said that the world is modern, but is there a lot of magical activity as well in the everyday life for the creatures part of the world? Like are items with enchantments sold in every second store and you can buy discount crystal balls alongside computers and such? Or is that sort of stuff quite rare and the city could almost pass for human? ))


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(Since I've allowed characters that are cursed or are creatures of magic, yes. You can find a few magical items in the city markets but the stronger items and potions are only on the black market)


Celeste was most thrilled to hear another's voice. Not knowing she was now crossing the street, she began to walk towards his voice, guiding her horse with her. "Please, if you'd be ever so kind as to guide me back to the forest, I'd be in your debt. My horse knows the way back home from the forest but I am blind and not from here", she said as she hoped her horse hadn't dragged her too far out of the forest. She could hear cars coming, normally she could tell which direction they were coming from, but with rhe large buildings surrounding her it threw off the direction of louder sounds.

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“The forest?”

Artie gawked at her momentarily, already starting to regret addressing the strange new arrival. He certainly wasn’t in the mood to be trekking around the forest on sleep deprivation and an empty stomach. “It’s kinda far from here, plus you’re going in the completely wrong directi- did you say blind?”

It had taken a few seconds to register, but once it finally did Artie started to half-run, half-flutter towards her in alarm. He made a few flustered noises in what was probably an attempt at a warning of some sort as he nudged her repeatedly in the arm and tried to usher her off to the sidewalk. A car was bound to come roaring around the corner of a side-street somewhere if he didn’t. Elves. Always in a world of their own weren’t they?


“Look uh, maybe we should just…sit you down somewhere for a bit while you get your bearings. Give the horse a chance to get its energy back maybe?”

He continued to ramble, glancing up at the horse with a mix of confusion and caution. He didn’t have much experience with animals beyond food and the pigeons he occasionally tossed some crumbs at outside the café, and was obviously nervous around the creature.

“It’s a bit long walk from here. I think. You probably want to find someone who actually lives there to get you back.”

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Celeste followed him closely, trusting him to make sure she didn't bump in to things. "I um, I really don't want to be a burden." She sighed not knowing anyone here that could help her. Come to think of it, she didn't know anyone. It has always been her and her horse, Otis. She didn't like people thinking she was helpless just because she was blind, she just needed help sometimes. And this was not her terrain so she was at a disadvantage. "Please. If you could assist me in any way I can repay you", she said referring to her magic. She could also offer food since she grew her own. She turned her head towards him, "Otis is fine as far as food goes. Fed him this morning and there's carrots in his pouch."

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