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Two Worlds Collide: Can Humans & Creatures Coexist

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What if I told you elves, mermaids, werewolves, humans (and more!) existed at the same time? Well they do... Humans inhabit 80% of Earth's land. While the remaining 20% of Earth's "uncharted" lands belong to creatures that humans didn't think to exist. Aside from the land that is inhabited by humans only, there are two large land masses off the Pacific Ocean. One of those land masses is inhabited by humans only and the larger land mass has never been touched by humans, instead it is the only place where a variety of creatures exist. The problem? There is an isthmus connecting the two lands. With humans driven to explore the rest of the uncharted lands of Earth and creatures being driven to find more resources and land to survive, what will unfold when the two worlds collide? You decide.




1. Follow all DragonCave rules.

2. Don't ignore characters.

3. Don't kill characters unless agree'd upon.

4. Please no more than 5 characters per user.

5. You must fill out a character sheet before being accepted.

6. While this is an open world RP, no godmodding.

7. This RP is gonna start with humans inhabiting one land mass (along with the rest of the world) and creatures inhabit the other land mass which is running out of resources. Humans don't know creatures exist and creatures have observed humans from very far, too scared to approach them or make their presence known out of fear.

8. The larger land mass is known as the North and is inhabited by creatures only at this time. The North is divided into four sectors: Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, and Sector 4. Sector 1 is the northwest section of the North. It is a very blooming part of the North. Covered in mountains, trees, plenty of wildlife. Sector 2 is the northeast section of the North. This area is more city. Lots of schools, shops, it's the city life. Sector 3 is the southwest section of the North. Sector 4 is the southeast section of the North. Both Sectors 3 and 4 are majority untouched except for a few creatures since these sections are closest to the isthmus connecting the North and the South.

9. The smaller land mass attached to the North is referred to as the South. This land is touched only by humans for now. It too is also broken into four sectors. Sector 1 is the northwest section of the South. Sector 2 is the northeast section of the South. These sectors are still being charted by humans since these sectors are closest to the isthmus that connects the two lands. Sector 3 is the southwest section of the South. This area is very populated and growing. This is more of city life with all the shops, schools, and cafe's. Sector 4 turns more country life with less population. There is lots of wildlife, plains, and rivers. These sectors are not mandatory part of your character sheet. They are only to better help everyone know where each other is at during the RP. You choose where you live.

10. PM me about any questions.


Character Sheet






Human or specified creature:

Power: (Only fill out if creature)

Weakness: (Only fill out if creature)




In a relationship: (Yes or No)

*Picture or Description:

*Additional notes:



*These are an optional part of the character sheet


My Character Sheets


Name: Celeste

Age: 28

Gender: F

Human or specified creature: Elf

Power: Great hunter and knows a little healing spells

Weakness: Fire and dark magic

History: When I was young, a witch cast a spell on me, causing me to lose my vision slowly until I was completely blind. The elder elves cast me and my family from our village but I know they were only protecting the tribe if the witch was to return.

Children/Pets: A solid white horse named Claire

In a relationship: N

*Picture or Description:

user posted image

*Additional notes: I am blind by the curse a witch put on me when I was young. My magic is too weak to cure my blindness but I will search for a cure until successful.


Name: Aiden

Age: 24

Gender: M

Human or specified creature: Vampire

Power: Sometimes I get visions of the future. However, the visions can change depending on actions.

Weakness: Direct sunlight, werewolves, stakes to the heart

Children/Pets: None

In a relationship: N

*Picture or description:

user posted image

*Additional notes: Shy, quiet, friendly, loves to read and study science.


Name: Chloe Pricefield

*Nickname: Chloe

Age: 22

Gender: F

Human or specified creature: I'm a human, duh.

*History: What's it to ya?

Children/Pets: A young, longhaired black cat named Oliver. Or as I like to call him, Oli for short.

In a relationship: Nope!

*Picture or description:

user posted image

Additional notes: I'm just a punk kid who's ready to pack my bags, hit the road with some friends, and explore what the world has to offer. I guess you could say I'm adventurous and daring.

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Are we allowed to have like, phoenix's and griffons in this RP?

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Absolutely! Creatures don't have to resemble or take on a human-like form as long as they aren't made up.

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Name: Frostfire

*Nickname: Frosty

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Human or specified creature: Phoenix

Power: Can reborn anew and can shoot out flames and ice.

Weakness: her feathers being plucked, electricity

*Family: N/A

*History: N/A

Children/Pets: N/A

In a relationship: N

*Picture or Description: As of Right Now

*Additional notes: her mother was an ice phoenix and her father was a fire phoenix. She's an incredibly rare phoenix and fears of being captured by those who would use her for money


Name: Moonfeathers

*Nickname: Moon

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Human or specified creature: Griffon

Power: N/A

Weakness: fish (idk what a griffon is weak against)

*Family: N/A

*History: N/A

Children/Pets: N/A

In a relationship: No

*Picture or Description: Moonfeathers

*Additional notes: She can't fly because her wings were clipped and is currently searching for a way to fly again

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Name: Hitana

Nickname: Tana, but only by her close friends

Age: 15 Years (Roughly Adult Age, For Centaurs)

Gender: Female

Human or specified creature: Gypsy Vanner Centaur

Power: N/A

Weakness: Her own weakness would be her lack of powers. However, centaurs are creative and determined creatures.

Family: N/A

History: She used to live with her herd until she took to traveling and collecting different trinkets with her best friend, Auramay.

Children/Pets: N/A

In a relationship: Not At The Moment

Picture or Description:

(The Centaur)

Additional notes: N/A


Name: Auramay

Nickname: Aura, By Anyone

Age: Roughly 8 years, Adult for a sphynx

Gender: Female

Human or specified creature: Sphynx

Power: Very low-level telekinesis and pyrokinesis

Weakness: Water.

Family: Considers Hitana to be her family

History: Won't speak about it.

Children/Pets: N/A

In a relationship: N/A

Picture or Description:

Click Here

Additional notes: N/A


Name: Aomidori

Nickname: Mimi

Age: 264 Years

Gender: Agender (They/Them) But prefers He/Him pronouns

Human or specified creature: Kitsune

Power: Pyrokinesis and a power I call "Star-Choked" basically his soul burns through his skin and he's able to manipulate time and space around him. However, it's extremely painful and he's only capable of it in cases of extreme emotion.

Weakness: His heart, he's a very loving person and gets attached easily.

Family: Unknown

History: Unknown

Children/Pets: Unknown

In a relationship: Yes

Picture or Description:

His Fox Form

However, I have updated his human form. This is his current look.

Additional notes: N/A


----I'll Post Two Human Forms Soon, I Need to Draw One Of Them-----

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Name: Vargräfta Sköllsson

Nickname: Raven

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Human or specified creature: Werewolf

Power: Shifting to the form of a wolf, increased strength, heightened senses, accelerated healing

Weakness: Wolfsbane, pure silver, daytime (unless the moon is still visible)

Family: She has an entire family pack that inhabits the northwest sector. Raven is the eldest daughter of the alpha pair. Her siblings include a younger brother and a deceased younger sister. She also has aunts, uncles, etc.

History: Raven has lived in her pack her entire life. The leadership role was going to eventually be passed down to her. However when she was seventeen, she and her siblings snuck out during a thunderstorm (despite their father's warning). While they were crossing the usual quiet river, a surge of floodwater swept her younger sister off her feet. Floating debris had smashed into her and rendered her unconscious. Despite Raven's best efforts, she ended up drowning. After that, Raven left the pack and started going by a different name.

Children/Pets: N/A

In a relationship: No

Picture or Description: Human Form

Wolf Form (Grey eyes)

Wolf form size ref

Additional notes: She is strongest during the waxing gibbous, full moon, and waning gibbous. During this time she can heal faster, and survive on smaller amounts of food. It also does tend to make her temper shorter and quicker to launch headfirst into a fight.

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Name: Percius ablian dorin

*Nickname: Percy

Age: 200 looks 19 in human years


Human or specified creature: kitsune

Power: illusions and ice magic

Weakness: fire and the fact that if anyone gets his kitsune bell they can control him.

*Family: none alive

*History: Percy was born to a well respected family of kitsunes in the northern section of the island, being one of eight children he was content staying out of the sootlight. One evening a powerful family from section three, that fateful night when they were eating dinner their home was attacked by the brightwoods from section three. Waking up in a dungeon cell was not what he was expecting but at least he was alive. What felt like hours pased before a familiar face broke him out of his cell. Together with his sister they ran out a secret exit and tried to make it somewhere safe but his sister was pierced by multiple arrows falling face first onto the ground. He continued to run as fast as he could, leaping off a cliff into an ice cold river and floating to safty. He was pulled out of the river by an older blacksmith who happened to be nearby looking for materials, caring for percy he was brought back from the brink of death though sadly his savior had died.


Relationship: none

Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/5...ad291422dd1.jpg

Notes: he lives in sector three now but very close to sector two trying to keep close to civilization without being surrounded by it.

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(Accepted @voltage. And @Kirito I'll accept it so long as there aren't any zombie outbreaks tongue.gif )


Celeste had a cabin deep in the woods of Sector 1. She liked it out here. She was as far away from humans and the city life of the creature world. The environment provided all of her supplies and needs. She just had to go out and forage for it. Celeste went out to her barn and listened for Claire. Once Claire made a sound, she went to her and ran her fingers through her mane. She then put an appropriate saddle on her. She grabbed her now and arrow which she hung on the wall of the barn. "Ready girl?" She hopped on Claire and nudged her foot into her lower side. Claire trotted out of the barn. Celeste listened to the nature as they rode through the forest.


Aiden resided in Sector 2 due to his job in medical science. He analyzed and tested medicines. Aiden woke up and put on his work clothes, which was a light suit that covered all of his body except his hands and face. He reached for an umbrella before heading out to the city. He looked at his watch and saw he still had half an hour to spare. He decided he'd stop by his favorite cafe, Luna's Cafe, for breakfast.


Chloe was in Sector 3 of the South, closer to Sector 1. She woke up and looked at her cat, Oliver. She smiled, "What adventures will we be going on today Oli?" Her cat just blinked at her and picked his paws. Chloe yawned, "Yep, that's what I thought too."

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Percy woke up in his home, a medium sized cave witha few makeshift furnishings including a bed made out of leaves and dead grass as well as a stolen pillow from one of the houses that were too close to sector three. He yawned while standing up, grabbing a pair of shorts and a long plain grey shirt he walked to a nearby river that was along the edge of sections two and three. Percy took off his clothes that he slept in and began to bathe his lean body wearing only the kitsune bell that was around his neck. It took him about ten minutes of washing before he was clean and he lay out for another ten minutes to dry before putting his clothes on ready for the day though he has no clue what he wants to do.

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Name: Ronald Yulis

*Nickname: Ron

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Human or specified creature: Human, lycan (to differentiate from Ravens werewolf)

Power: Heightened senses, regenaration, immune to most pathogens. Lycanthropy; enhanced strength, infared vision (can see heat), sharp claws and teeth. Strength of the form varies.

Weakness: Silver is his kyptonite; makes him nauseous and prevents wound regeneration when in close proximity. Heightened senses can cause motion sickness. Can lose control of his form. Full moon. Only eats uncooked meats + grains.

*Family: Lives alone but has parents and a brother.

*History: Was bitten by a lycan as a child. Doesn't affect him much except on full moons where he loses all control. He had chains made that constrict him based on the stage of the moon. He moved away from home at 20 and is currently unemployed.

Children/Pets: A cat called Muffin

In a relationship: No

*Picture or Description: Ron and Muffin werewolf Wears chains 24-7. They crossover his chest, wrap around his thighs and connect to manacles on his wrists and ankles. They can be "broken" to psychologically stimulate the transformation, otherwise he cannot transform. They fully constrict his movements on a full moon and the "breaking mechanism" locks. He generally covers them with jumpers/long pants.

*Additional notes: At a full moon he is at his strongest and will automatically turn at nightfall and is uncontrollable. At a new moon he is at his weakest (but still stronger than a normal human). Can grow more savage the longer he's in his form or the later stage the moon is but can satiate this with meat/blood on all days bar a full moon.

His regeneration is limited, he can't grow back an arm but a bullet wound (so long as it doesn't contain silver) would heal (and pop the bullet out). Regeneration is faster while transformed.


Question: Whats the level of society like? I'm assuming modern.


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Ugh. The dark, furry form in the depths of the cave stirred. In the low light two eyes opened. Raven blinked a few times and lifted her head. She'd been out late the night before and was feeling the effects now. Slowly rising to her feet she yawned and shook out her fur. Maybe I'll go down to the city... see if there's work. The canine sighed heavily. Despite being accustomed to living life by herself, she still missed her family sometimes more than others. A sudden tickling in her nose broke her thoughts as she sneezed. Am I getting sick? Could shifters even get sick? The pack's doctor would know. Raven huffed and made her way to the mouth of her den. Maybe I'll stop by the clinic while I'm in the city. Getting sick out here on her own could be dangerous. A sick animal is a dead animal. Would I go to a vet or a doctor? This must've been why the pack had its own doctor. What do you do when you're half wolf and half human?

Raven trotted to the nearby river and lapped up water. From what she remembered, it would wind closer to the city the further north one went. That'd be a good starting point. Keeping on the soft, sandy bank of the river, she started heading due north. The morning sun soaked into her dark fur and warmed her skin. Birds chirped and the rushing of the river made for a peaceful atmosphere. How could anyone stand to live in the city? It was cramped, loud, smelly, and overall just seemed awful. At least it had to be better than how the humans lived. From stories she'd been told by her great grandparents passed from their parents, humans were foul creatures. Long before the pack had settled in the northern most part of the land mass, they had lived very close to isthmus connecting the two large continents. Humans would stray north and camp in their woods. Or worse, hunt. At one time, a frightened human had shot one of the pack mates and the alpha at the time was forced to pass as a human and go into a human city for medical supplies. They brought back stories of how they lived in filfth and how the air was suffocating. And the way they acted was incomprehensible to the pack. They always seemed to be st each other's throats for the smallest things. Sometime after that, as human run-ins became more common, the pack moved to the north. The hunting was never as good, but it was better than risking another encounter.

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Ron trundled slowly out of the building. He was dressed in a business shirt, tie and slacks, with a blazer draped over his shoulder. Another unsuccessful interview... you'd think someone immune to disease would be well suited to working in a chemist he thought as he unchained his bike.

He pushed off and started the long ride back home, stopping at a fast food joint for an espresso. Lacking a car probably doesn't help... can't do deliveries, it's not my fault I can barely function in a vehicle. So loud, and smelly, and shaky Ron shuddered. Family trips had always been a nightmare and he'd often have to down a whole packet of antihistamines just to keep him unconscious for the whole trip.

He paused at the lights and took a sip of his hot drink, it was quite cool this morning. I might transform when I get home, curl up in a blanket and watch TV, that fur comes in handy on cold days he thought to himself as the crossing light turned green.

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She smelled the city long before she ever saw it. The acrid smell burned her sensitive nose. This was a bad idea... Raven paced back and forth nervously. She had never even been into the city. Who knows what creatures inhabited it. What if they were anti-shifter? Or as people commonly confused her kind with, anti-werewolf. Man up. Sighing, Raven shifted to her human form. Fur melted to clothing, paws elongated to fingers, ears shortened and became human ears. The whole process itself at first frightened Raven. She could remember the first full moon when she shifted with her parents.

She was roughly five at the time. It was never overly painful. More like a dull ache that faded after a few minutes. And there was always a very warm sensation that flowed through her that faded with the ache. After her first change, as all shifters asked, she asked exactly how it happened. "Well," her father began to explain. "We are descendants of the great Norse wolf Sköll. He along with his brother chased the chariots of the sun and moon, Sol and Mani to keep them on time. When they weren't chasing the chariots they roamed the earth. Legend is our pack is the descendants of Sköll and mortals. The power of changing is from Sköll's blood in our veins." She blinked away the memory. I wonder if the blood would ever be diluted enough for us to lose the ability to shift.

By now she was on the outskirts of the city. The suburbs. It wasn't so bad out here. Still much too crowded. She began to jog further into the city. It seemed to be fairly quiet. People who worked were likely already at work, and others had yet to be out and about. Looking around, Raven began to realize she had no clue where she was or where was what. Uh-oh. The city had too many smells for her to get her bearings. It was beginning to get a little overwhelming. The rising buzz of traffic started to hum in her ears. Too much. She shook her head and began searching for a place to duck out of the din. Her heart rate raised and panic started setting in. She hadn't expected the city to be this bad. You're ok. It's ok. Cakm down. Deep breaths.


((Edit: I'm thinking about adding another character. A Raiju. Opinions? ))

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Percy had dressed in his clean clothes and ran his fingers through his hair while yawning. His free hand grabbed his bell that he had hanging around his neck while he stood by the water. Percy turned away from the water as he began thinking trying to figure out what he wanted to do. Percy reached into the pocket of his dirty pants pulling out a brush he had braught with him. sitting down on a root nearby his two snow white tails lay across his lap as he began brushing them quietly, making sure that his fur wasn't messy. Standing up he walked through the forest until he came close to the edge of a city, his hands covering his nose at the strong scent that assaulted his nose. Walking into the city his tails swayed behind him while he began dodging around people and working his way into the city in an attempt to explore, hopefully without being noticed.

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((I have no idea what a raiju is so all the power to ya. Another question, is there a masquerade going on or do humans know that there are fantastical creatures?))


Ron locked his bike to the rail at his apartment complex and ran upstairs. Upon reaching his door he looked through the side window and saw a small furry shape laying upside-down in the sun.

Ron unlocked his door and stepped inside, his hand moving to scratch his cats belly.

"Well, well, guess I'm not the only one who finds the day cold. How ya doin' muffin?" He asked in a childish voice.

Ceasing his scratching Ron walked over to and started up the electric fireplace, before returning to his bedroom to change out of his dress clothes.

He walked over to his couch and sat down with his laptop, now dressed in tracksuit pants and a long sleeved t-shirt, his chains clinking.

"That interview was a bust... gotta look for other options" he mumbled to himself. He checked for any new offers on his usual search websites but was unsuccessful. He placed his laptop on the coffee table and walked to the fridge.

All I've had today was that coffee, I could really use some breakfast.

He opened his fridge and only found a half empty milk jug and some bread in the freezer.

"Ahh bugger, gonna need to go to the butchers," He groaned as he shut the fridge door.

Slipping back on his shoes Ron chucked a jumper on and left his apartment, locking it. He reached his bike and hesitated before moving on. It's not far, I can walk He thought to himself before setting off down the road.

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(@Marcus Pheonix, Creatures have sometimes ventured into human territory and observed them in the distance. So creatures know humans exist but humans only think of these creatures as fairy tales. They dont know they actually exist)


Chloe put a harness and leash on her cat Oliver. Chloe loved to explore, almost every day she'd go somewhere new. And she learned her cat loved the outdoors too, so she took him everywhere. She decided today she would explore a small mountain not too far from her home. (The mountain is small but located on the Isthmus that joins the two islands) She got in her car, setting Oliver in the passenger seat as she drove to the mountain. She had never explored out here but was eager.


Celeste had been out hunting for a few hours, collecting her kill in the pouch on her horse's saddle. She was about to head home to make breakfast when a snake spooked her horse. Frightened, the horse ran at a dangerous speed through the forest. Celeste held on for her life because she was blind she relied on her horse since he knew the trails and how to get her back home. It was only until the horse ran into the outskirts of the city that he stopped. The cars and city noise distracted and confused the horse. Celeste got off her horse, still holding his reins. She kneeled down, feeling the ground below her. It was cement. She was no longer in the safety of her forest. Scared, she began to get overwhelmed with all the city noise and the thought that she was now lost.


Aiden finished his breakfast then looked at his watch. He figured it was time to get to work. He began a leisurely stroll to his work building

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Blindly scrambling, Raven dove into the nearest alley. Her chest heaved and blood rushed in her ears. What is this? A panic attack? Weak! She was a warrior. A little city shouldn't get to her like this. Her senses came back to her and the blind panic faded to a dull uncomfortableness. I can do this. Stepping from the alley, she grabbed the nearest passerby. They smelled faintly of... dog? Not like a pet though. "Excuse me, could you point me to the nearest job site?" If Raven was being honest with herself, she had zero idea of how to get a job. She could wing it though. Who wouldn't want someone like her working for them!

To the passerby, her previous distress was obvious in her now frizzy hair and the gleam of sweat that marked her brow. That, and there was a slightly crazy, but friendly look in her eyes.

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((I guess Ron would have some belief in creatures due to being a werewolf himself, though I doubt he knows the full extent... before i post; Raven was that "passerby who smelled of dog" Ron?))

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