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Indroducting One To DragonCave

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Hello! My name is Refusion and you may know me from Massivecraft or RpNation as hang around there a lot. I am a roleplayer and writer and i am interested into art and drawing.

I normally write stories for fun or roleplay. I decided to joined this because I noticed some people on Massivecraft having an account for this so I came and also because there's roleplay parts. One thing I also would like to note is that I'm a furry and I love anthropology and anthropological creatures.




PS. I see you haven't updated to the latest BBcode wink.gif

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Hello, hun. Welcome. I don't think the BBcode is quite precedent at the moment. I believe TJ has been focused of bringing us changes in the cave. He's a nice guy like that. smile.gif I hope you enjoy RPing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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