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ANSWERED:Groups: Number of dragons per page

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Normal Scroll options allow us to view our dragons from 50 to 500 per page, but this does not affect Groupings. I have 2k+ dragons on my scroll at the current moment, and most of them are made entirely up of Albinos. I have 853 Albinos that I've decided to place in one group all together to keep track of the amount I have. As it currently stands, every image of each Albino dragon (be it adult to egg) loads up on this tab when I open their group.


While it doesn't cause me any issues aside from slight lag scrolling down the list of them, I'm sure it would cause a problem for someone else. So I suggest having the option that's available on the vanilla scroll to be extend to the groupings.

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This is going to happen, don't worry.


P.S. for adults and frozen hatchlings, the images are the same, so you should be loading only a single albino adult sprite.

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