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The renegade Army (2.0) OoC

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So uh I'll be explaining the world here so uhh,, *nervous sweats*


Also post off topic/ ideas for the rp here, or chat around.


Character sheets should be sent here!

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Also if anyone decides to join from the old Renegade army- all of that is false pay no mind to it.


Insan might be in this but maybe not. (Due to her time travel powers) Also Beatta isn't born yet. Zephrine probably is in the Brinnian kingdom as a young boy.


Entity won't be.


Katie will not be how she was in the first one.


EXPLANATION: Archangels/angels can't die unless killed. Enderians stop aging at age 20 but can die from starvation, heart failure (any organ failure that kills humans really.) water, allergies, and of course being killed.

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