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The renegade army (2.0)

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Endyr Serifi, an enderian formed an alliance with the Archangel, Katie Perhson, after being kicked from the Enderian kingdom, by the Council of the Elders. She began fighting for peace through the land of Rona, along side of Katie. Together, they created an army. The Renegade Army it began to be known by. Synonymous with the words protectors and peace, they helped out rulers and kingdoms alike with any ailment or another kingdom. They built their main base away from all of the kingdoms though.It is on an island in the northernmost ocean in a plains.


But with all great periods of peace, they end with someone's greed. After a hundred years, Katie is sick of being second to Endyr and begins forming a plan to take her down, no one the wiser. Slowly, she begins turning people against Endyr, using the fact she's related to the ruler of the Brinnian Kingdom by being the King's first artificial spawn. Endyr trying to keep everything calm after a few people start shouting that she's a brinnian as well as enderian, dismisses the claims, in a nervous manner, unintentionally making things worse for herself.



You are a member of the army, either in on the plan to take her down, an innocent recruit or army member, or on Endyr's side.


Character Sheets:





Species: (examples: Human, Enderian, Angel, demon, ((or any of your own!))

History: (keep it brief)



Post character sheets in the OoC! Which can be found Here

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