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Rising from the dust: Simply sketches

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Hello! You've now stumbled upon my art thread (if we can even call it that laugh.gif), as I am attempting to get back into drawing after what's been ages. I've not drawn consistently ever since I was but a mere child (let's say since I was around 11). Right now, all I can do is sketch. No shading, no colors. I plan to use this art thread as an opportunity to improve upon my drawing skills as they are currently rather limited. I struggle with drawing bodies/anatomy and such, most of the time not getting much further than faces and necks of both humans and animals. I have only a few presentable examples of my drawings at the moment, they'll be listed below. More will be added as I find more of my older works.



I know these are very, very far from perfect, (I almost didn't want to post them because of that xd.png). I'm using them to record progress (hopefully) over time as I continue to practice. I will consider taking requests in the future once I'm a bit more confident in my abilities and don't have to rely on referencing quite as heavily.

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