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Click if you don't mind!

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Nice to meet you all!

If you don't mind, maybe (Please read the forum rules)?


And gracias <3



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Welcome to DC!


Sorry, you can't post your eggs here. You can use a few fansites to raise your dragons, though. Two - four will do it, depending on how impatient you are.


List of fansites off-site fansites: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=89465

My faves are Allure of Neglected Dragons and Valley Sherwood.


Feel free to ask us over in Help if you have more questions! :3

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Ay! Your username seems familiar.. (have heard of someone with the username exactly like yours on WC:UT forum, if you are that person then i'm Rainbow The Albino Serval)

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Welcome to DragCave forum! Hope you enjoy!


If you don't use "incubate" BSA, using one fansite can be fine. (I use AoND)

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