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Groups / Scroll: Add sortable "banners"

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Okay, this is another idea for group improvement, although it could just as well be applied to a scroll as a whole.


What I'd like to have added is banners. Simple text (that we can choose), which work similar to the frozen hatchlings many players use as scroll dividers.


And why would I want this? Together with a feature to sort groups, we could further organize our dragons. If you're working on a breeding project, you might not only want to have all dragons belonging to that project in the same group, you might also want them to be sorted by generation, or by whether they have are already mated or not.


These banners don't need to be anything fancy, either. Just simple script, ideally the same as for the headings on the main page of DC.


In order for th is to work, unsorted or freshly added dragons within a group should always be sorted on top (so they're easy to find and can be sorted conveniently.)

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I freakin' want this SO BAD.


I would no longer need to add in special things to the names of the dragons like 4G and EG and so forth in order to denote the lineage and what generation they are.



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