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I still have the following CBs available to breed (for free) with a mate of your choice (including Metallics & Stateraes):
- 1x Yulebuck
- 2x Ribbon Dancer
- 2x Winter Magi
- 2x Wrapping Wing
- 2x Solstice
- 1x Mistletoe
- 1x permanently pacified Aegis
- 1x permanently enraged Aegis
- 1x Snow
- 1x Garland
- 1x Starsinger


As well as lots of checker lines: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tCCq151yzBQKWod93cFHYoP4XkFdTyCNpMvO4ssBwCU/edit#gid=10817455


Just message me if you need anything. :) Also let me know if you'd like to reserve any rosy Solstice lines. I'll breed them at 6pm and throw my remaining lines into the AP afterwards.

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