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Some summers from holiday parents



- 3rd gen summer from wrapping wings checkered https://dragcave.net/lineage/hKMTk



- 2nd gen summer from female cavern lurker



- 2nd gen summer from tri-color snowangel


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Sent sent to the AP...

Amalthean_egg.gif 17 Amaltheans

latest?cb=20170828210236 31 Carinae

Geode_egg.gif 17 Geodes

Avatar_of_Change_egg.gif 1 Avatar of Change

Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png 6 Avatars of Creation

Hellhorse_egg.png 3 Hellhorses

Risensong_egg.gif 3 Risensongs

Setsong_egg.gif 1 Setsong

Shallow_Water_egg.gif 7 Shallow Waters

Soulpeace_egg.gif 4 Soulpeaces

Storm-Rider_egg.png 5 Stormriders

Two-Finned_Bluna_egg.gif 10 Two-Finned Blunas

Ultraviolet_egg.gif 4 Ultraviolets

Really need more male Hybrids for next time. Have way more females than males. ^_^


Edit: Wow, can't believe that Tinselkin was still there! Thank you so much, @Rekha!

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