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A few Lihn x Shumoga babies. Trying to get a Lihn lol.






All gone!

You're welcome, @DarkellaLord! Yes, it's such a pretty combo lol, guess we just gotta wait for the ratios to even out!

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Fresh eggie! 2G Blue Sapphire from Blue Sapphire x Heartseeker.


I can drop and it will be pink, but if someone wants for a Blue Sapphire lineage project, here it is. :)


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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13 minutes ago, Ruffledfeathers said:

3G Floret from Male Silver tin


Should gender female :) Enjoy


Thank you. I'm just getting into the Florets and have so much to learn. I'm enjoying the journey, still completely amazed by the exquisite creativity put into the dragons and variations.  Many kudos to those who thought all this up, and to those who share their artistry to bring the concepts into creative reality!



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3G Stratos x Silver Tinsel checker (1 female, 1 male) :

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! - still here if anyone want it for their checker project. Will send to AP when need space later.

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

4G Silver Tinsel x Moonstone checker Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 

Just offer dummy on 2 way teleports. All eggs are incuhatchable. Regifting is fine, do not retrade/kill. Enjoy!

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eggs claimed

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