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On 8/19/2021 at 9:17 PM, SolSoul said:

Thank you so much, I'll take great care of 'em :D.

Sorry about offering twice, I realized I would have been scroll-locked otherwise.

You're very welcome! Enjoy your new babies! :D No worries, I figured that's what had happened. I do that myself sometimes too. XD

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2 Market Green Cantos, a male and female, being released to AP because they can't be gifted or traded.  Bought extra because I expected to lose some in the quake but didn't.  Stalk away! 

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Posted (edited)

CB code hatchling - gone!


Enjoy, Paradisiske!

Edited by dragongrrl

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3 hours ago, banban007 said:

If you get it, please raise it to adulthood. I'm not keeping coz I already have sibling.

Please offer dummy

Thank you, I have a female shimmer so I hope I can continue the line!

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