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Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Beautiful double-checker Shimmer baby.

Offer up anything so I know where she goes and give her a name and a good home!


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36 minutes ago, dragonpuck said:


16 minutes ago, -FireClaw- said:

(With interesting code)

Unfortunately, I'm egg locked, or I'd nab it. :)

It is quite an interesting code!

Will be cared for and bred, eventually~
Thank you!

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16 minutes ago, Isabella Fae Graycin said:


Grabbed the fire gem


Edit: I hope that genders right! Love the lineage.


I influenced it male so I hope so!

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Posted (edited)

Mail me if you want any of the following, with a (not always) limit of one per person every time I post:



Misfit Pygmy RPeaN

Thunder 8hgmN

Brown Copper t1Jzk

Magma 2P9eL

Common Pygmy HApii

Red Dorsal pu2Wb

Green Xenowyrm fZhJj


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