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10 minutes ago, Seriva Senkalora said:

Something silver

Something gold


Many more went to the AP, good luck catching them. :)

Taken both of them home! ^^


Actually took just one first and came back a few minutes later and the other one was still around so I couldn't resist. Besides I'm going AFK, so...


Anyway, thanks a lot!!

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2g Hybrid Pack. A Geode, Soulpeace, and Amalthean. Name them if you take them!


Gone! Enjoy! ^^

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1 minute ago, Seriva Senkalora said:

Took them, but don't want to be greedy, so giving the Soulpeace to someone else:

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

Thanks! My friend's been looking for more of these, but not having much luck. She'll love this!

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