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Free to good home! Please let me know if you catch, thanks! :)


1. 2nd gen Lumina egg from code parents: Claim my Lumina egg!


2. 3rd EG Gold egg from Gold (f) x Winter Magi Christmas 2011 (m) checker with Spriter Alt grandparent: Claim my Gold egg! 

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Two 2g Storm Riders need a home! Please name them if you take them!


Gone! Enjoy.


One 2g Shallow Water needs a home! Please name it if you take it!


Gone! Enjoy.


Hybrid pack: One 2g Bluna and one 2g Geode! Name them if you take them!


Gone! Enjoy.

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don't let some of the high numbers scare you.....


18G Bronze Western Prize




7G Silver Western Prize



^vampire fodder?!?! (any other suggestions why it would say the egg has been killed?)


10G Silver Eastern Prize




7G Gold Eastern Prize




12G Neotropoical - Prizefail





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1 hour ago, Amaryllis_Flair said:

Have 5th gen spring with a different season in each generation, named after the lyrics of "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by Pete Seeger.


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

Oh, thank you so much!  Such a beautifully named lineage...❤️

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