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Mystery eggs up for adoption! Please let me know if you catch, name, and give a good home. Thanks! ^^


Mystery.gif Mystery.gif Mystery.gif

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https://dragcave.net/teleport/6b045097f7781abc89c2ae85e28e7779 Gone

Red Tailed Wyrm hatchling from Desert, if you have any extra kills perhaps you'd like to use it for zombie fodder! It is the night of the 31st after all. Let me know how it goes if you do :) Of course, if you want to do other stuff with it I won't really mind. I just think zombies are neat, I'm giving this away because I raised a new pygmy wyrm zombie tonight.

Edit: HAHA no problem! (FOILED AGAIN! ;))

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Messy White, for the code collector.

Claim my egg

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7 minutes ago, blockEdragon said:

I'm glad you like em



4g purple floret X soulpeace

4g red fire gem X sapphire

4g storm rider X soulpeace

4g plated colossus X fell

4g script X spinel


Take as many as you want, you can take em all, you can take just one, you can take none.

Have a nice day.

I took the Script and the Storm Rider home. I particularly love how these two look, so I'm going to work on continuing both lines. :) Thanks!

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