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On 11/14/2020 at 11:00 PM, Toyo said:

It's another

DLCcjWR.png Secret Santa Raffle! jqBp0WE.png

user posted image


(will be female)


Pop a dummy egg or hatchling in the link (please, nothing that will die, hatch, or grow up)

A winner will be selected by a RNG around 10AM/1000 DC time Monday Nov 16



A winner has been chosen, thanks for participating!


And while you're waiting ...

Please check out our thread, read through the rules, and sign up to participate in our annual event!


DLCcjWR.png Secret Santa signups now open until December 21! jqBp0WE.png




bump for a new day :)

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Pair of Jesters need a home! Name them if you take them.


Gone! Enjoy! ^^

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9 hours ago, Pilauli said:

Here is a CB Coastal Waverunner with a nifty code (resembles "risky" or just "sky").  Free to anyone who promises to appreciate it.


I don't want it to go to waste, but I don't have any plans for it, and I don't currently have the energy to formulate plans, find an appropriate trade, or whatever.  So someone take it off my hands before it becomes uninfluenceable, please.



I've taken them. I'll make sure to name them. I've got a plan for CB Waverunners, so they won't go to waste

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37 minutes ago, Laura-Lana said:

Grabbed it. Thank you!


Anyone looking for red hatchlings? Incubate is a very useful BSA

free red hatchling 1

free red hatchie 2!

free red hatchie 3

free red hatchie 4

I picked up two of them, thank you! ^^ 


Would anyone like to give this little CB sunsong a home? They’re quite cute, but I realized I didn’t actually need one! Please do give the little cutie a nice home ^^ Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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Gone! Thanks for taking them! ^^

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