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available CB holidays for breeding, your choice of mate:


1x Gold-Wing Snow Angel Claimed!

2x 1x Ribbon Dancer

2x Winter Magi

2x 1x Wrapping Wing

2x 1x Solstice

2x Mistletoe

2x Calm Aegis (perma-calm, will not be enraged)


Have CBs of all dragons except CB Gold or prize. Please PM!

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Still have CBs to breed of Yulebuck (x1), Tricolor Snow Angel (x1), Wrapping Wing (x1), Mistletoe (x2) (x1), and Snow (x2).
PM me, breeding for free.



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Gone back to AP.


3rd gen yulebuck X rosebud stairstep.



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I feel bad about not taking more time to find this a really nice home, but I don't have the egg space, so I'm offering it here. Z'Coded 3EG Egg Wrapping Wing with Gay Pride/Love Codes throughout lineage, so two lineage themes people collect in one. If you take it, please help find it a good home if not giving it a good home yourself. Thanks in advance, hope it finds a good forever home: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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CB Holly Male vs CB 2017 Holiday Female



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I have left to breed:


1 x CB Yulebuck: The Black Lion

2 x CB white-winged Snow Angels: The Blue Lion || The Guardian of Water Claimed!

2 x CB Ribbon Dancers: The Altean Prince || Marmoran Creed

1 x CB Winter Magi: The Yellow Lion

2 x CB Wrapping Wings: The Green Lion || The Guardian of Leaves

1 x CB Solstice: Crazy Words - Mustache Claimed!

2 x CB Mistletoe: A Queen of Ashes || A Prince of Lies


PM me to get them ^^ I have all rares and most other mates available, including other holidays. No Prizes unfortunately.
(Claimed CBs will be marked)

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3G Snow Angel from Golden Wyvern, Spriter's Alt Snow Angel in base. Snow Angel wings are multi-colour in this checker.


Adopt me!


Claimed, enjoy. :D

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Neat 4G with word code (downA) (AP'd)
2G Garland egg from Gold Lunar Herald X Garland

Send a PM and a two-way teleport link! I am out of Magis >.<

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