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16 hours ago, 1ce1and said:

Free 2G black & pink zyu + Aeon from male Aeon x female Sino (black one have pronounceable code haFem, sounds like heaven)

Add: 2G white zyu from Sino x white zyu

Black zyu

Pink zyu(Gone!)


White zyu

⚠️No trading/freezing/killing. Will appreciate it if you can name it~

If you can obey the rules, PM me for one-way links :) 

All Gone!

Edited by 1ce1and

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I'd like the Aeon if it's still available?

8 minutes ago, 1ce1and said:

Three left! Anybody want them?


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1 hour ago, 1ce1and said:

Two left! Anybody want them?

I am locked for about 3 more hours. If either of them are left, I would love one.

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