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user posted image user posted image Two 2nd gen KingCrownes from Sakuhana (new Valentine)

My first test breeding to see if I like 

Kingcrowne_adult.png & Sakuhana_adult.png as possible mates.  

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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54 minutes ago, HeartJacker13 said:

I didn't have any Aeons ready, so I couldn't precog any of these. 

It's a gamble~


3g Frostbite x Cavern Lurker checker

3g Frostbite x Plain Solstice checker

3g Frostbite x Grave checker

3g Frostbite x Wrapping Wing checker

3g Frostbite x Rosy Solstice checker

3g Frostbite x Shadow Walker checker

3g Frostbite x Ribbon Dancer checker

3g Frostbite x Caligene checker


Got the solstice checker. :D

Precog tells me wrong gender, but love for the pairing tells me to keep her. 

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