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New update makes named hatchies teleportable

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Before, when we were unable to teleport named hatchie in any way in the teleport page.

With the new update, I discovered a way to teleport named hatchies

- first, you teleport the hatchie as usual, 1 way or 2 way

- second, you set the filter to filter by: unnamed hatchie/adult

- now there is a link to name your hatchie below the "action" link


And the name stays in the other end's scroll after the trade!


I am not sure if it is intended because we can't still select named hatchies to teleport in the teleport page.

I wish we could keep the feature because I can be handy when we want to trade names. We can just put the names we want to trade in a dummy hatchie and teleport them to the other person! ninja.gif


btw, I lost Electabuzz because the previous owner of the name did not know it was very popular and unnamed the dragon when I was asleep unsure.gif

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