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Wings of change 1x1

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Setting: harvest session, fall months


Time: let's go with late afternoon.


Place(s): Market Town (ground), Avacrest (sky main of six floating cities)






On the planet Avi, the Avian peoples are a lot like humans, only as their name suggests, they have wings. All kinds of wings, from mythical creatures to insects, mammals and of course birds.


There are two groups of Avians, the skylings and the groundlings. The skylings are high class, high society of the people living in cities built in the clouds suspended by a mixture of ancient magic and modern science. They have the most beautiful, unique wings and often pride and preen themselves on their wings.


The groundlings are the outcasts of their sky dwelling cousins from a ancient war long ago. They live in villages along the ground, divided by rivers, desert, lush forests and mountains. Here on the ground we have the ones who are scarred, have dull or muted colors of wings, odd ragged wings, ones too small to fly or two big to maneuver, and then the completely wingless or flightless. These are either born without them or had their wings mutilated to the point where flight is impossible.


Both the sky and ground worked in peace and harmony in ancient times however a Great War split the Rift between the two.

However, whispers are spreading about a second War in the making, the ones who call themselves Dark Wings are planning to take over their lost sky home growing stronger in numbers each day, and the sky King is massing his troops slowly and is planning an attack on the Ground to quench the upstart before it happens. Yet even more whispers tell of the Skyling's King's only hare illegitimate son has beautiful, but brittle looking wings lives with his mother.... a wingles ground woman unknowing of his true identity could be the one who tips the scale of peace or war.


Can this unknown Prince be swayed to war? Or would he chose peace?





1. Please be kind and respectful!

2. No one liners! I'm on kindle fire, if it looks like a one line to me then it is quite short. I expect creative writing!

3. If I say, 'that can't happen' do NOT argue with me!

4. DC rules apply

5. Third person please!

6. Me and felix only!

7. Typical, no OP, or God mod.

8. Swearing is aloud in minor instances please ask before you create a character that curses all the time!

9. I find people using God, in vulgar ways highly offensive to me! I ask kindly to refrain from doing so in this rp, the people have multiple gods (lowercase) and I'll be keeping a list of other colorful words that can be used instead of God! doing so is an immediate expungement from the rp!


Sheets! ((semi modern. No cell phones or such. Steam punk like transportation for the ground people)


Get rid of parentheses please! (for future characters)

[B]Ground or Sky[/B]: 
[B]Class/occupation:[/B] (can list both. ground people are more workers then the sky people. mid Victorian in technology.))
[B]Dark Wing supporter[/B]: (Yes or no, can be on both sides [sky/ground] or know nothing about them)
[B]Appearance[/B]: (height, eyes Pictures okay but please describe too!)
[B]Personality[/B]: (DO NOT PUT TO BE RPED!)
[B]Wing appearance[/B]: ( wingspan is a must, adv. 15-25ft)
[B]History[/B]: (a little back story about them please! )
[B]Skills[/B]: (anything really, this is the "other" slot)
[B]War or peace[/B]: (pick one your character would support)





Nat Clanc- Felixr2 (engineer)

Lara Aumbrine -felix (Double spy)

Eron Lionheart-Felix(knight in kings army)

Lian Quinna- Aroara (daughter of the kings commander)

Xiao Quinna- NPC (Aroara)- commander of the king's guard and advisor

King- NPC (me and felix)




Simon Xeon -me (merchant, sky Prince)

Lilith Dreersung- Aroara (priestess of Zerrtha)

Flint Crowne - Felixer2(gun crafter)

Liam "the Shadow" Serpix-Felix(assassin)



Dark Wing supporters


Lilith Dreersung - leader of the dark wings, daughter of the founder

Flint Crowne- second in command in the group

Lara Aumbrine- prized (and expensive) informant.

Liam "the Shadow" Serpix- assassin who works with lara. NPC





Himar's feathers! - equivalent to dear ___ (in outrage)


Zerrtha will burn you! - Go to hell, rot in hell.


For the love of Dinja! - self explanatory.


Mother Ahva!- holy mother of_____


What a load of Dragon dung!



Badges and banners!

Made by Silverpheonixx

user posted image




user posted image




Gigantic banner by Pryanka!

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Gods of Avi Family tree <- is my art! Don't steal!


Himar- (He marr) god of the wind, sky, and king of the gods. Very prominent to the people of avi. (Basically the Zeus of avi)


Zerrtha- (Zee er the) goddess of the underworld, death,nightmare and fire. Know with the groundlings for her affiliation with the earth and the ashes of her burned sacrifices are used to make the earth fertile.


Tirdall- (Tire doll) God Of The Moon husband to Zerrtha.


Tolous- (too lous) God Of Blacksmiths, forge and engineers ideas and knowledge.


Ahva- (Ah Va) Goddess Of The Sun, fertility, womanhood and marriage. wife to Himar queen of the gods


Wesana- (West anna) Goddess Of Night & Day, plants and protector against famine and guardian of livestock. Farming goddess. daughter of himar and Ahva wife to Tolous.


Laenar - (lay nar) God Of Sleep brother of wesana.


Ewna- Goddess Of The Military, victory and battle. sister to Zerrtha wife of Atmir


Atmir- (At-meer) God of War, strength and strategy. Husband to Ewna and brother to Himar.


Seena, Goddess Of Fortune, luck and wealth. Daughter of Enwa and Atmir


Afyja- (Af-ja)Goddess Of Magic, hope, healing, animals, and birth. A virgin goddess of the dawn, twin sister to dinja. Daughter of Wesana.


Dinja- goddess of love, lust, pleasure, male fertility and beauty. Huntress goddess of the stars and dusk. Daughter of tolous and Wesana.


Alous- god of seasons, harvest, health doctors, messengers, thieves and travelers. A Jack of all trades (think Hermes) son of Ewna and Himar.


Botrix- Bow-trix), Goddess Of Justice truth, morals, chivalry, peace and virtue. Daughter of Ewna and Atmir



Animals of avi

Most animals are similar to ours, only a handful are different from ours.


Saber tooth Sword wolves (aka sword wolf)- large wolf creatures with saber teeth that are black, jagged and wickedly sharp. They are mostly red meat, and their hides go for a hefty price. Their fangs can be used as swords and their skulls as shields. They live everywhere and their fur ranges from dessert sand color to a dark auburn, a rich brown or black, and in the mountains- white.


Dracon - very large snake like creatures that spit acid that erodes everything except for Dragon flame tempered glass. Their scales are large oval shaped plates and are as hard as a Dragon scale. (Even harder then that) they are used as shields although they are very heavy and as large as a man (5'6"). Dracons are found in the desert caves and are nocturnal creatures.


Cloud cat - small panther like creatures with bat like wings, as tall as a young boy and a large wingspan. They are tameable, rideable and mostly live and hunt in the sky, only landing to rest or when taking care of little ones. They are mostly found in caves and trees with black, white or a tan colored fur. Images here here and here


Shadow hound- resurrected dogs or wolves that fade from moving skeletons with a red painted spell on their skull to shadowy creatures with glowing eyes. They never eat nor sleep. They are only created by a zerrtha priest/ priestess. image and image (see Lilith for skeletal image)


dragons- these aren't big creatures. They are sometimes as big as a house cat or as large as a horse. They are mainly bred for their affinity for shiny things and are used to protect jewel mines, safes, homes and temples from thieves. They are easy to take care of and eat very little. They come in many colors and are quite tame to their masters. They breath fire or ice.


lunar phantom/ nightmare howlers- wolf or fox like creatures that haunt graveyards, battle fields, massacres or places where those who were killed was painful and traumatic. These beasts feast on the lingering effects of the pain and suffering of the land. One can see them from a distance with their emaciated look, red glowing eyes or their white glowing fur.

They look the same, but there's one thing that's different between the two: lunar phantoms are benevolent while nightmare howlers also haunt the wicked who caused others sufferings. Nightmare howlers can be herd by wicked souls who killed the innocent when they howl, for their calls sound like screams of the victims. These particular beasts have callers of thorns, chains, spikes, barbed wire or rope around their neck symbolizing the punishment for wicked souls. If one does enough wicked deeds in their lives, these creatures pull out the soul and drag them to Zerrtha herself for punishment. Lunar phantoms can be seen by everyone, where nightmare howlers can be seen by those who witnessed death. image


Terror Crabs - known as Desert Spirits by the avians inhabiting the desert - are huge orange crabs with a white downside and black striped on their back. There are very few of them and no corpses have ever been found. Their pincers are one of the few things capable of breaking through Dracon scales, although it is still far from easy. The desert avians favor these creatures more than they favor the gods, as the gods tend not to bother much about the desert and instead the Desert Spirits protect the desert avians, fighting threats and giving them lighter travel in times of need. A famous story mothers tell their children in the desert tells about an orphan baby raised by a Desert Spirit; although this story is widely accepted as a fairy tale by even the desert avians.


Jeweled steer- these are actually deer like creatures with scales that are the spirits of the mountains. These creatures are very peaceful and if one befriends them it is said they would bond with that person and protect their children and children's children for as long as they live. They hardly ever touch the ground out of fear of disturbing the peace of the blades of grass. They have shrines built in their honor, seen as gods and protectors of the mountain avi people and some of these creatures see these temples as their homes. They came in many sizes and colors. Size depends on age and some are over two thousand years old, perhaps as old as the gods. It is difficult to tell the gender for each one has a stag horn or horns and a jeweled orb floating by magic between their antlers or wrapped in their beards. A favored fable about these creatures is when a young girl obtained a jewel by comforting a dying steer and hatching a pure golden steer that brought her luck and honor to her family. image image image image (based on Qilin/Kirin art work not mine)


Rock bandits- creatures that are small and have gems, ore veins or crystals coming from their short Rocky grey bodies. They are knee high and often bother minors by throwing rocks, causing cave ins and taking the ore or crystals they mined.



Post set up!


mid morning marketplace


Now things where picking up! Simon sat as gradually the small scattering of pedestrians grew from a trickle, to a steady stream, before the morning crowds pushed their way into the narrow cobbled streets of Leones. He had sold five vases, three plates one goblet and sixteen little glass figures. It was around this time he normally ate lunch, so leaving his stall in the care of a cat sized burgundy and crimson colored Dragon from the fur stall He took some money and wormed his way up the stream to Janine's bakery. He was a usual customer ever since he discovered the run down place and the banana bread she makes. Considering his sales today where going very well, he would put a lemon pound cake on order and a chocolate muffin with cream cheese filling for Tara's birthday today.



iron pence= ten cents

Copper ginni = Half dollar

Copper half crown=

Copper (crown)=

Silver pence= copper = five dollars

Silver ginni =

Silver half crown =


Gold pence=

Gold Half crown=

Gold (crown)=


Platinum, jewels and crystals


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Accepted sheets


Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Simon Xeon

Age: 22

Gender: male

Ground or Sky: ground

Class/occupation: (unknown: Prince of the skylings) merchant/glass blower

Dark Wing supporter: the who? Um.....

Appearance: (Here<Mage's work!) or here < My work! )Simon is taller than his 5'6" mother, standing at nearly 6'3" (and still growing). His hair is white with flecks of gold in them, kept semi long, the back is usually braided with Amber beads in a small rat tail like style, one among a total of six around his head in various places. His eyes are a spring bud green that brightens or darkens depending on his mood. He's broad and muscular, fingers slender and rough with calluses. He has smile lines around his lips and eyes, a soft kind look with a clear crisp voice. He's slender and fit for his body type. a little thinner then he should be because he makes sure his mom eats before he dose. He's tanned, spending time in the sun and near a fire has darkened his skin to a lovely olive color. he has scars on his right arm from burns in his first time blowing glass and on his left buttock from being bitten by a sword wolf pup (Don't ask)

Personality: There's a certain aura about him that warns of a natural born leadership and the ability to take charge of a situation if needed. He is very kind, a smooth business man and a hard diligent worker. He has a set schedule to his day, a never failing pattern he follows (until recent events) and has a difficult time adjusting to extreme scenarios outside his comfort zone. Protective of his mother and his two friends Ciel and Gae. He would fight if anything happens to them. A bit of a jokester in the village.

Wing appearance: (Wings)his wings span a full 37 feet, the parts that are pink are actually red. They may look like stained glass, and delicate, but don't be fooled by appearances. Thin and light making him very swift in the sky and very acrobatic. They are as strong as sky iron (meteor iron) and the "glass" actually thin colored fuzzy shear scales as hard a Dracon scales (flightless legless Dragon that spits acid and large scales often used for shields)on the outside and inside with opaque soft down. they are warm to the touch, silky soft and as maneuverable as any pair of wings.

History: He grew up with a old one winged commander and his mother in a small village by a peaceful river. Near their tiny village is a bustling town. The commander taught him to defend himself with various weapons including fists and wings before he passed away a year ago. He was sheltered from the rumors of war and his father, whom was told to be dead. He learned how to blow glass from his mother and sells them in town.

Skills: fighting, glass blowing, starting fires, fishing camping, setting traps (mostly for fun but can have some useful ones) mimicking sword wolves (very large wolves with sword like saber teeth) to round up lost cattle, horses or sheep.

War or peace: there's..... a war?


Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Lilith Dreersung

Age:how rude to ask a woman her age! (24)

Gender: female

Ground or Sky: ground

Class/occupation: high class Zerrtha priestess

Dark Wing supporter: ha ha! My father founded the group, now I run it in his place! What? Expecting a man?

Appearance: she's 5'6" with waist length auburn hair she keeps up. Her right eye is red the left a gun metal blue. Fair skin with rosy cheeks and full red lips. Lilith has a tattoo on her leg thigh of a priestess mark of Zerrtha; a double circle with a dark circle inside and spikes around it (on the skull)

Personality: she's a bit wishy washy and frightening. She takes care of her people, flirtatious and has a soft spot for children and "cute" things (she's the kind of women who thinks ghostly creatures, cemeteries and dracons are cute). Be careful, when she is furious she smiles and talks honey sweet words. She usually has a wicked gleam in her eyes and laughs with unusual sweetness. She has a commanding nature, isn't afraid to play rough or dirty, or put the men in line.

Wing appearance: one wing is a feather and Dragon wing mix. Jet black with patterns in it. The other completely see through with only the bone and the muscles showing. This one is more bat like and can fly but her skin is clear like her father's. Thin vains of blood sometimes color it a pale albino pink in certain light (it's creepy because one can see the muscles twitch and the blood go through her wings). Her total wing span is 42 feet.

History: her father was a skyling before she was born. He sought peace and was more comfortable with the dead then the living as a mortician. Still young, he eventually became a priest or Zerrtha something the skylings looked down upon. Slowly his wings became see through as he worked as a priest for the goddess in the tiny sky temple. Discusted, the king ordered his wings ripped off and hung on the temple door as a warning to others, then cast out of the sky.

He fell in love with a dark winged ground Zerrtha priestess and had Lilith. When she was fourteen, her parents where captured on a raid on a skyling group troop post and was beheaded and burned when she was twelve. Harboring a grudge and already a strong priestess at the time, she took her father's place as Dark Wing leader. Now she's a force to be reckoned with.

Skills: she's a priestess, so she has powers of her patron goddess Zerrtha. She has the ability to call a shadow hound (see image above and animals of avi for further information) minor control over earth able to make pits or rock slides if conditions are right. Can see in complete darkness. Calls flames on her sword or in her fingers, walk through fire without getting burned.

Non magic skills: sword play, shooting (bows, bolts, guns) a silvered tongue trickster. Slight engineer/ forger(to fix/ repair her weapons and armor) crafty strategist.

War or peace: WAR!



Username: Aroara

Name: Lian Quinna

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: upper class daughter of the captain of the kings guard.

Dark Wing supporter: I am loyal to the king

Appearance: Lian is a 5'8" tall woman who fits the words, "ethereal beauty". Her hair is long and flaming red. Her skin a flawless mocha cream tone, often painted with gold markings of a Dinja follower on her hands, belly, chest, feet and around her eyes. Her eyes are the bluest of blue, startling in contrast with her skin tone, eye lashes thick and long. Her voice has a certain low sound to it that seems to carry when she speaks softly.

Her clothing is often revealing, something akin to a belly dancers, or out of Arabian Nights.


She's outgoing, and ready for adventure, however she is reserved. She speaks very little, letting her body do the talking for her. When she does speak she's sassy, sultry and seductive.

Wing appearance: her wings are in the picture, blue greens and holds at about a 16 foot wingspan.

History: Lian grew up in the castle, and was trained to one day take her father's place as head commander of the kings army. Her mother was a vasle of Dinja and passed away at her birth. Wanting to be both like her mother and father, she pledged herself to the goddess only a year ago. Her father is Xiao.

Skills: she's a skilled fighter like her father.

War or peace: peace





Username: Felixr2

Name: Nat Clanc

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Engineer. One of the best around.

Dark Wing supporter: Dark Wing? What kind of machine is THAT?

Appearance: He stands at 1.6 metres, with creme colored skin that is pretty much always dirty (think oil, ash, dust, coal, etc.). He has black hair that's a big mess and silvery grey eyes. His mouth and nose are a bit sharp, all of this giving him a slight mad scientist look. He wears brown cloth rags. All of this in contradiction to the beauty that the skylings are known for.

Personality: All he's really busy with are his machines and as a result he's gotten pretty isolated. The other skylings say he's a weirdo, some even think he's a sociopath, but if you ever get to talk with him, you'll be surprised to see he's actually a very wise, warm, social, caring man.

Wing appearance: His mad-scientist-like appearance drags on to even his wings; they are very streamlined and covered in feathers that appear to be made of some kind of steel, but, of course, are a lot lighter than that. They have the same silvery grey color as his eyes.

History: He comes from the Clanc family, which is renowned for their sublime knowledge on technology. His ancestors were the ones who created the technology used to keep the cities in the clouds, in the clouds. The knowledge has been passed on from father/mother to children with every generation, and every generation discovered something new. As for Nat, he didn't get to learn everything, as his father didn't survive an accident with a new machine that would be able to carry a pesron from one sky city to another faster than they could fly to it with their own wings. The problem: it wasn't efficient enough with the fuel, causing it to stop mid-flight. Nat had decided to continue his father's project, his notes giving him reference on how much energy he needed to get out of the fuel in order to safely make the trip. He is certain he is very close to a breakthrough with this, but others don't believe that. They think the Clancs aren't what they used to be anymore.

Skills: Very good in making machines of all sorts. Surprising, eh?

War or peace: He doesn't really mind either, as long as he can work on his machines he's fine.


Username: Felixr2

Name: Eron Lionheart

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Knight of the king's army.

Dark Wing supporter: What do you think?

Appearance: He stands at around 1.8 metres. He wears a shiny steel armor with golden decorations - mostly just gilded borders, but his helm, that covers his short, blond hair, has decorations that ressemble a lion's manes. His eyes are a reddish brown with golden flickers.

Personality: He's a very brave and honorable warrior and he's very loyal to his king.

Wing appearance: Majestic wings with a span of 23.5 ft. They're the same color as his armor, with a golden edge at the top/front/whatever you want to call the side of the wing that's nearest to the head of a bird, that runs down on the backside of both wings near the middle, tilted a bit away from his back, but slowly curving towards.

History: Ever since he was a child he was taught to admire the king, and he never had any problems with this. He started to practice fighting with a sword when he was around 16, and turned out to be pretty talented. When he was 20 the king noticed his talent and skill and invited him to join the army. He is still working to become a general one day.

Skills: He is a very skilled and talented swordfighter. He also knows how to handle a flintlock, but he hardly ever uses those and doesn't have one of his own.

War or peace: He prefers peace, but he knows war is sometimes necessary. To battle!


Username: Felixr2

Name: Flint Crowne

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Originally Sky, but he's more affiliated with the Groundlings.

Class/occupation: Knows a bit of engineering, but mainly sticks to guncrafting.

Dark Wing supporter: Yes. Big time.

Appearance: Stands at 1.7 metres with deep black eyes and black hair that's tied into a short ponytail on the back. He has a somewhat muscular, he wears a black cotton vest with the sleeves entirely ripped off and black ripped jeans. On his left arm he has a tattoo that looks like a black falcon that's diving down to catch a prey.

Personality: He's a pretty edgy person, and also quite a bit narcissistic. Everything he does, he does because it's best for himself, or because he just wants to do it.

Wing appearance: He has the wings of a black falcon, with a span of 24.7 ft.

History: While growing up he often visited the groundlings, where he got in contact with some shady people. He presented himself as someone of great importance in the floating cities, but at his 20th he made a misstep, and the clique wanted to know what exactly made him that special. He decided to take action. He was banished from the floating cities after attempting to attack the king and take over the cities by force. He supports the Dark Wing because he sees it as a second chance to take control of the floating cities and prove to his former companions that he is better than them. His former companions look down upon the Dark Wing, they think it's a pathetic organisation that doesn't stand a chance against the king's army.

Skills: Knows a bit of engineering, but not anything beyond how to make a machine stop working as fast as possible. He can only break them, not make them. He is, however, pretty good at making flintlocks, if he has the materials, that is. He can also handle these pretty well, but he gets too frustrated to teach anybody else. In the time he spent in the dark network of the groundlings he also learned how to crack regular locks and how to walk without making any sound at all.

War or peace: How can I ever take control of those cities without starting a war?


Username: Felixr2

Name: Lara Aumbrine

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Double spy.

Dark Wing supporter: Yes and no. She helps them, but she also helps the king.

Appearance: Usually wears whatever is the typical clothing style of the place she is. She stands at 1.55 metres with brown hair down to a bit under her shoulders and dark grey eyes.

Personality: If you want any information, she'll get it for you. Against a price, of course.

Wing appearance: Although she does have to stick to the swallow-like shape and 16 ft. wingspan of her wings, she can change the color, pattern and texture of the feathers to appear like she's home to... any place she wants really. In the sky cities she usually goes with white and silver lines, while on the ground she usually gows with slightly ragged feathers with a dull brown color. (yes, her wings are like the skin of a cuttlefish, just a little less impressive)

History: She was born with very weird wings - and they didn't look pretty either - so everyone wanted to keep their distance in public. However, her "charming" personality made people want to meet with her privately. She used this to get information out of them to work herself higher up the social ladder, and soon she realised there were others who would definitely offer something in return for that information... it wasn't long before the Sky King and Lilith Dreersung both started to see her as one of the best spies around; they know nothing of her passing through their information to the other side as well though, with different clothing, wings and make-up she perfectly fools the other spies, and the ones that do find out she pays to keep their mouths shut, or orders dead by an assassin before they can tell anyone.

Skills: I think it's pretty clear already.

War or peace: War. Peace doesn't pay her bills.



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Extra info/ lore questions:


What’s the area of the sky cities?

Think of the floating mountains of Pandora in the movie Avatar. They are very large.

Are there large areas on the ground underneath the cities that are lifeless due to lack of sunlight?

No, because the cities move constantly. This is to ensure that no one area is shrouded in darkness for more than a day.

-What kind of resources do the sky cities have? Water, agriculture, soil, rubber, metal, lumber, stone? Are these transported up from the ground, or are they present in the sky?

They have water and soil. A special device converts the moisture in the air to clean water and on a couple cities there’s even waterfalls. Although HOW they got there is a mystery. Everything else is mined or gathered on the ground before being transported up to the cities.

-It sounds like the skyling cities are man-made? In that case, they’d be relatively recent, in geographic terms. If there is sky agriculture, is it made difficult by the lack of plants that have evolved to survive at such high altitudes?

The cities ARE man made however NOT RECENT these cities are ancient from their architecture to the generators. At one time these “cities” were small, and yes they did do farming on them. They grew things that could be at high altitudes (however this isn't at boing 747 height, more like the tallest building in dubai height from the ground. ) Like rice, potatoes and other ground growing things, trees were kept in climate controlled greenhouses. As the population grew, like any city, the farming fields were pushed to the edge until they only existed on a smaller island although it produces very little produce now and most are gathered from the ground. The oldest buildings are the palace and the temples of the gods and goddesses and in the central province or “Inner wall” the newer ones are on the outside more like the suburbs for wealthy merchants who bought their way to the city.

-Cloud cats. It’s mentioned that they hunt in the air- do they hunt birds? What pressured them to become so much larger than their prey, in that case?

Cloud cats do not just hunt birds. Like the falcon or eagle they have many different food sources. Things like rabbits, varmints, mice, rats, snakes, fish, tarantulas, Dracon eggs, turtles to sword wolf pups, sheep small cattle, goats and some pets are on their diet. They are Apex predators and would even eat carcasis if in need. They also eat specific leaves and branches from trees that grow in the mountains that acts like cat nip to them and helps with digestion.

-How much contact between skylings and groundlings is there? Is it mostly one way (banished skylings taking information to the ground) or is there a lot of back-and-forth?

Back and forth. There’s soldiers to keep the peace on the ground there has to be some message system to give them orders. These people have families in the sky and would like to keep in touch with them. They send letters or orders Via Dragons or cloud cats. There’s also falcons. Messages can be sent at an outpost however messages to and from the city to the ground are often a gold pence a peice so the average Groundling can’t afford this



-Why do the Dark Wings even want to live in the sky cities? Is it just a ‘take back what should be ours’ thing? Does the sky have things that the ground doesn’t (resource-wise - cities and infrastructure can be built)?

This is going to be a long one. It isn’t that theres resources that the ground does not have. It’s more or less a symbol of their religion, their past and their ancestral home.

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, back when the world of Avi was born from Time and Darkness. One of the two entities, Time, created the gods Hemar, Ahva and Atmir. The Avi peoples were created by Himar, the Avians lived on the ground. There were no floating cities. They were one, Nobody was wingless, everyone was kind and generous to each other. There was no evil in the world and no Rift between the Avians. Everyone possessed a little bit of magic and used this to make the daily tasks a little easier to bear.

Then Darkness, spurned by Times beloved gods birthed the gods of armies, death and the moon, Ewna, Zerrtha, and Tirdal. With the coming of these gods, More avians were created from shadow and darkness with twisted wings and features. These were called Dark Wings for their affinity with shadow and death. They were not like the avians, and constantly fought them, messing with their minds and making brother fight brother. This is where the Rift started to form.

After five hundred years of this, Himar coupled with one of Zerrtha’s priestess and she gave birth to Yaktu who’s wings were unlike any other. Like the Dark Wings, they appeared to be made of glass, however instead of holding colors of gray white and all sharp angles, they were shaped like wings, rounded, bright and colorful. When Yaktu grew into a young man, he lead the First Great Battle against the Dark Wings. Afterwards, to get away from the remaining Dark Wings and prevent further fighting, he created the Sky Cities Using technology and magic that is now lost in the Storm where the Library City (one of the six cities holding ancient records) was struck by lightning, crashed to the ground and burned. Yaktu’s line was set to become a leader of the people and this became the line of Kings. They still had their magic at this point for the avians were not against each other.


Five hundred years prior to this role play, there was another Great war, that once again tore a Rift however this was in between the Avi peoples. A group of avi revolted because of their current king (at the time) was very strict and cruel. It was at this time a Priest of Hemar and Zerrtha both shared a vision. The dark wings will rise again and Yaktu will be reborn to stop this uprising, bringing peace and and magic back to the avians. After the revolting Avi lost the Great Rift battle, the king ordered that they be cast out of the sky as the ultimate punishment.

These new dark wings are trying to return to the sky in revenge and to rip the Rift further between the Avi people.

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market city, market place square, late afternoon


Simon helped wrap and carry yet another window pane that was stained glass wings inspired by his own. That was the last one of the ten small ones and three large ones he made for today. Considering they sold fast he should probably make plates and vases in the same colors. With business booming he could afford to pay for a healer to cure his mom. He was sold out of the panes and packed up his things to fly home for the night.


Abandoned crystal log mine cave, late afternoon.


The resources of the cave where slim to none, a deep red glow coming from the Blood moss left behind in lanterns, but now has grown wild like a parasite.


Lilith lounged on a support beam along a moss covered bench that was supposed to be for the tools. Her Shadow hound enjoyed the dark shadows and the bloody glow of the moss, bone white teeth flashing among the deep shadows.

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Entrance to the abandoned crystal log mine cave, late afternoon.


He was early for the meeting, he knew. He always was. He helped Lilith make sure everything was ready for when the others would come.


As he walked a few dozen feet into the caverns, he could already begin to see an eerie shimmer of the deep glow of the Blood moss, painting the rough rocky walls a crimson shade of red. Along with Lilith's occasional laughter and the growls of her Shadow hound, it would almost seem like this was a gate to Zerrtha's realm itself; the underworld. Most avians didn't dare enter this place out of fear for exactly that, which was the very reason they had chosen to do the Dark Wing meetings here of all places.


As Flint proceeded further into the abandoned mine, the glow gradually got more and more intense, as the crimson red turned into a brighter, more wicked, sort of burning red, and his eyes had to accomodate to the intensity of the light. He had now reached a cavern that was deep and sunlight-depriven enough for the moss to grow freely, and he could start to hear it crunching beneath his deep black shoes. As he picked up the sound of a rat that had snuck into this place to feed on the moss, he simply pulled out his gun and shot it. Twice, just to be sure. The last thing they could use here were unwanted visitors, especially those of the kind that would damage their cover. He walked over to the rat's dead body and picked it up. Something to play with for on the way.


During the last part of his trip, he was extra alert on rats walking around, but it seemed there weren't any others. Good, one thing less to worry about.


"Hey Lilith", he said, as he could make out her figure in the distance, and then held up the rat corpse by its tail, "I found an intruder on my way here. I executed it on the spot, but I think you can agree we can't afford to let this happen again." He threw the rat towards the table, making it land right in front of Lilith. "Any ideas?"



Knights' barracks, royal castle, late afternoon.


Eron was busy doing his daily routine. He had just checked up on his armor and weaponry and confirmed everything was there, and was now off to check up on his men... and women.


"Claudia Celeste, report yourself!"


"Claudia Celeste ready as always, sir!"


"Barry Fernson, report yourself!"


"Barry Fernson ready as always, sir!"


"Frits Fernson, report yourself!"


"Yeah, yeah, what he said, Frits Fernson, bla bla bla. Wait, not yet actually, let me just - ugh - put on those boots, and... yes, that'll do. Look, now I'm ready, sir!"


"Frits! Can't you be a little more serious about this? We are in an army, have you no respect for the code?"


"Calm down, calm down, Magnus. Since you are not Frits's superior, the code leaves you no right to accuse him of any misbehaviour. That would be my job. Now, Frits, I'll let you get away with a warning this time, but that's your last one this month."


"Just this month, sir?! You can't be serious!"


"Magnus, you are speaking without permission again, and I also certainly do not like the tone you're using against me. I will have to give you a warning as well. At this rate you'll never get that promotion you're working so hard for."


"But, sir! Aghh fine."


"Good, next. Alyana Larmos, report yourself!"


"Alyana Larmos ready as always, sir!"


Eron heard a slight hesitation in her voice, as if she was afraid to do something wrong. Which wasn't anything too surprising, Alyana had just finished her training and officially joined the army a week ago, it was only normal she was still a bit nervous. But she certainly was a very skilled fighter. Her 5 foot height and wings that were barely large enough to carry her made here very agile, and she made full use of that. Despite her reservations a very valuable addition to the crew.


"Karl Magnus, report yourself!"


"Karl Magnus, ready as always, sir!"


"Garrgon Zerth, report yourself!"


"Garrgon Zerth ready as always, sir!"


Garrgon's loud, low voice still made everyone slightly tremble, although Karl always made a hopeless effort to cover it up. He was a fort of a man, nearly 6'7" and twice as wide as an average man - all muscle. Though his reflective silvery draconic wings technically could carry him, he can't quite use them for flight in battle since he's far too slow for aerial combat and he even takes minutes to reach a reasonable altitude. Instead, he would stay grounded, in heavy armor, storming through enemy ground troops and low-flying aerial soldiers. Just like Alyana, he took his weakness and turned it into his strength.



Entrance to throne room, royal castle, late afternoon.


Wonderful. Truly wonderful. Lara had just overheard a very important private conversation between the king and his advisor. She printed it all in her memory and made for a quick and silent exit from the castle. Now off to her residence on the ground and quickly ready herself for the Dark Wing meeting that would soon happen. She was going to earn quite some coin today...

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within the blood moss cave, crystal log mines late afternoon


The skeletal hound scooped up the dead rat and began playing with the caucus throwing it in the air and catching it in its jaws. "What is with you and rats? The sky people hate them, but here, yes they are a nuisance but would make a poor man a nice meal. Besides. You had my rat soup before. The spicy one that you like so much. " The priestess drawled picking her nails with a knife that was eerily jagged and looked like a sacrificial blade with its black face that seemed to absorb all light that touched it. "So, if you're so concerned about rats..." she snapped her fingers and the hound almost faded into the shadows slinking way with the carcass of the art looking for more lively ones to kill.  


barracks, royal castle late afternoon. 


Xiao Quinna and his daughter Lian approached the line up. "Eron lionheart report yourself!" He called, standing at attention. His wings, like a atlas moth's  where folded neatly behind him.  His daughters, was royal blue like her mother's, but in the shape of her father's, with a more butterfly look to them. 

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Within the blood moss cave, crystal log mines, late afternoon.


Flint smiled at Lilith's elaboration on his stance towards rats; a crooked smile, but a smile nonetheless. "A fine solution, as expected." He said, when he saw the skeletal hound starting its hunt. "That'll be one worry less. And it's true that rats can make for a nice meal, but I guess I'm just not really fond of seeing them... alive. Heh, I've heard tounges wagging in the taverns about how the sky cities didn't have any rats in them at all, until a few decades ago, when some crazy scientist decided to keep them as pets - and some got loose." He bursted out in laughter, mocking this skyling scientist. "Can you believe it?! A scientist! Not clever enough to know that introducing rats to the sky cities brings the risk of causing a plague! Ahh those silly skylings... about time we rid the world of the plague they're forming, heh."


He then heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see who it was. First they were too far away to make out any facial features, but as they drew closer...


"Well this could get interesting..." He said to Lilith, still looking at the figure in the distance, as he saw who it was.



Clanc Research Facility, outskirts of the sky cities, late afternoon.


After having enjoyed a fine breakfast of roasted bread with omelet and bacon and having done the weekly checkup on the facility's warehouse and the chaotically organized tools in his main workplace, he decided to go back to his bedroom to check up on his pets.


As he got there, he was glad to see all five of them were still there in the cage. Though these had never really gotten loose, he couldn't help but worry about it after the first group getting out and reproducing, spreading all over the sky cities, causing what one might describe as a plague, although it wasn't all that bad from Nat's point of view. It did end up with him getting a pretty big fine and a cut on his financial support from the king. Though that cut has been stopped ever since he created a new alloy that was more suitable than the standard steel for most military weaponry, he didn't feel like getting that fuss over him again. The results of the previous time were still visible - rats still were a common sight in the less hygienic alleys of the sky cities.


Luckily, the ones he saved from a rat extermination program that had been set up to eradicate the plague as far as the tools the skylings had at the time could, were still safely sitting in the cage. Nat opened the hatch at the top of the cage so he could feed the rats, that all eagerly ran towards the food. Friedrich, the brown one with the longer than usual whiskers and somewhat round body, was the first one to start eating, quickly followed by lean white female beauty Trinna and the dark grey Grimm, who had a few scars covering his body, and a missing eye. Later to the party were Griselda, a light grey older lady who couldn't walk as fast anymore, and Carmin, the pitch-black rat that always liked trying to climb the sides of the cage, even though they were intentionally designed to make that practically impossible for a rat... this time around.



Barracks, royal castle, late afternoon.


Just when he had finished the daily checkup routine, Xiao honored him with an unnanounced visit - and his daughter Lian was there as well.


"Eron Lionheart ready as always, sir!" He said, eyes and mind full of determination, and saluted, continuing to wait politely until Xiao would continue speaking.



Entrance to the abandoned crystal log mine, late afternoon


She was finally done getting ready for the meeting and was now making her way to the location. The eerie red glow never failed to intrigue her, even after having seen it so often. It had a certain... mystique about it that greatly appealed her. She would almost want to take some of it home to use it as a nightlamp.


As she nearly arrived, she heard a familiar voice in the distance: "Well, this could get interesting..."


Flint Crowne. She recognized it immediately. Her memory had never failed her before, nor did it now.


"I suppose you're right." Lara said, nonchalantly. "But of course, that all depends on how much you want to pay... for some fresh information about the king and his advisor that I guess will be rather useful for your operation." By now, she had already taken her place at the table, looking from Flint to Lilith and back with her signature mischievous-seductive smile. The one she always carried on her face when she had picked up some.... particularly interesting information.


And of course, anything she'd get to hear here would be sold straight to the king as well... not that either Flint or Lilith had any clue about that, though.

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Abandoned Chrystal mine caves


"I don't want to end them Flint. I want to humiliate them and step on them. " She said smoothly. When the new arrival came, she sighed and pulled out her money bag. She didn't trust a spy she had to pay. Money could make just about anyone talk, unless their loyalty is unwavering like Flint's. Even Lilith knew not to trust a money grasping rat. "Lara....." She drawled throwing her a bag with twenty gold crowns in it. that was worth about one platinum pence.  "would that be enough to loose your tongue" She asked, wanting the news she brought first before relaying half of her plans, the half she wanted the spy to hear. She didn't get this far by being careless. "Military advancements, and of course a little extra." She held up a single platinum half crown. "For any dirt on nobles or the king's movements." She stated, flipping the coin through her fingers.



Barracks, royal castle, Late afternoon.


"I want you and the best of your soldiers to come with me to a visit on the Ground. My daughter would need a personal guard of course, so Alyana Larmos shall come too. Orders from the king himself. Apparently a relation of his is down in that filthy place and has ordered me to extract him. He would wed my beautiful daughter to ensure the king's bloodline continues. The king as you know has failing health. This mission is of the upmost  importance to His Majesty and it needs to be completed quickly, and quietly. I trust your choice in soldiers for this, and you would be coming along too." Xiao informed him.


Lian looked unhappy at this news, however, even unhappy her beauty held no rival. She simply had her white blue eyes cast down to the soil beneath her feet, red-gold hair pinned back in a half updo. She had chosen the melancholy color of black silk and had chosen a more...conservative outfit. Covering her skin and markings, along with choosing a dark color that did nothing to enhance her beauty, or to catch anyone's eyes, was her own silent way of protesting this enforcement of marriage to a man she did not even know, nor anyone else for that matter. She remained silent, choosing to be obedient then to disobey the word of the king.


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Barracks, royal castle, late afternoon


"As you wish", Eron said to Xiao as he heard his orders. Miss Larmos as personal guard for Lian? Surprising, he would've picked Miss Celeste instead. But his job wasn't to doubt the decisions of his superiors, especially not the king's advisor himself. And for the other crew he had already decided.


He turned back to his men. "Alyana Larmos, you heard that? It's time for you first mission and it's an important one. The kings advisor and his daughter will be heading to the ground to search for a lost relative of the king, together with Magnus, the brothers Fernson, and me. You will be Lian's personal guard during this operation. Do you think you can handle that?" He asked, on a very serious, level-headed tone.


"Uhm... I think so..." She said, very hesitantly, taken aback by the sudden responsibility.


*Sigh...* "Alright. If you're not, better get your self ready right now because you have no choice. Xiao personally ordered you to be Lian's personal guard. Any one else got any commentary?"


"Well, yes, sir." Karl said as if he were insulted. "We need to seek a piece of baseborn filth who supposedly is a member of the royal family and make him our new ruler? Do you know how crazy that sounds?!"


"I know what it sounds like, Karl, and I'm sure Xiao does as well. These were his orders and I trust his decisions. However, if you don't want to participate, I will have someone else join me instead."


"Fine! Everything is better than humiliating myself by walking among those dirty lowlifes. Bunch of flithy rats they are, living in such an ugly place like it's not a problem at all."


"I would advise you to lower your tone there, Karl. It is clear to me that I misestimated you when I thought you were the right man for this job. Claudia, you'll be coming with us in his stead. Karl will be replacing me until I'm back, since he's been here the longest of the ones that will stay here. When the others get here, tell them that we're gone for a highly important secret mission. Now, if everyone's ready, I think we can leave."


As Eron took off his helmet to clean it a little, more to have something to do while waiting on the others than out of necessity, Alyana headed towards him.


"S-s-sir Lionheart, can I talk to you for a second?"


"Sure, go ahead."


"I know you said that Xiao personally asked for me to guard his daughter, but... I don't think I'm good enough. I'm only just getting started here, why not let someone like Magnus or even Zerth guard her, instead of me?"


"Don't be so harsh on yourself. You're a very talented fighter and you know that, and I think Xiao does too. I think he wanted to give you the task you deserve. And it also won't hurt for Lian to be guarded by someone she can talk with, and since you two are about the same age, that's an added benefit. You have all the reason to be nervous about this, but trust me, you can do it."


"Thanks. I feel a lot better now." Alyana said, a little more confident than she was before.



Abandoned crystal mine caves, late afternoon


Lara grinned just a little more as she saw the coins appear on the table. What a starting offer... she could definitely get quite some money out of this.


"This would be enough to get me talking." She said. "So now, you may already know that the sky king's health is worsening. However, that seems to be a tremendous understatement. My sources indicate that the king is in fact close to dying. He's getting weaker by the second, and that can obviously be abused to overthrow him on the spot. I would advise you to at least wait with that, though... "


She let her talking volume die away during the last sentence, starting to stare off somewhere in the distance. She put the money in her wallet and started drumming her fingers on the table. Lilith would get the hint, she was certain.


Meanwhile, Flint was getting a tendency to put a gun to the spy's head to force the information out of her, but decided against it because they would definitely need her more often. You rarely found a spy as good as her, and financial resources to afford it they had enough. She was lucky, for now.

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((Sick, brain nor working to formulate a reply. However I said relative not son. Only Xiao is supposed to know it's his son. And Xiao is still standing there.... he heard every word...))

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I noticed he said relative. But since he also said this relative is going to wed Xiao's daughter to continue the king's bloodline, it's not too difficult an assumption to make? I will change it if you want me to though. ;)


My reasoning is that a continuation of the king's bloodline would be direct offspring from the king, or offspring from offspring (but since no offspring of the king is currently known of, those odds are very low). Any other relative would definitely be continuing the royal bloodline, but not the bloodline of the current king, which would have to start with the king himself. I might be looking too deep into things here though...


And I hope you get well soon! :3

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The king had a sister and other distant relations (like his grandparents who had many children) who lived on the ground. Bloodline can be a second cousin, nephew or a once removed uncle. The fact he's marrying a skyling is ensuring the kinghood remains solely in his family as it has remained in his family line since Yaktu, the first sky king who created the sky islands. Hopefully that makes sense. The king and Xiao (and lara) know of his son, but the king ordered Xiao to silence. Could you edit it please? ))

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Xiao frowned at Karl's comment. "You are speaking about a member of Yaktu's bloodline. Do I need to remind you of who built this city? Or the fact that we used to live on land before the times of the Sky lands?" He said coldly, dark eyes narrowing. "Listen to your commander sir. I have the authority to send you down to the imperial crystal log mines if your tongue can't hold it's place."  With that he turned and left for his home located not too far from the officer barracks. Lian remains there after her father left. Seeing her new guard looking nervous she approached Alyna, her movements graceful, almost tender in a caring sisterly way. "My father didn't request you. He insisted on Claudia, however I wanted you. I watched you train. Your skills are close to mine. I am to spar every day before I sleep. You would make a good partner and I don't see any harm in making a new friend... do you?" She asked both Eron and Alyna.





Lilith got the hint but ignored it, pocketing the coin and replacing it with a map laying it out on the work bench that had markings on it where towns and trade routes along with supply stations to the Sky cities were. "You know the rules. You don't gauge value on information, you want extra, you give me something worth the value. " she said tilting her head as she pulled out a raven feather from her own wing and spat in a small vile of powder, shaking it until the ink was mixed.

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