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DC time and - the rest of us

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As I sat here counting on my fingers when the hatchie I stunned would be able to get views again, I thought - could we have the DC time at the top of the actions log ?


I KNOW that for people on the default skin it shows all the time - but some of us really cannot use that skin, and it shouldn't be very hard to add the time just on that page - not in a fancy way, just numbers, formatted like the actions are. Like this ?


user posted image

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Maybe. Or you could simply add an action of your choice to the log. (Catching and abandoning a random AP egg, Influence/Incubate/Fertility/Precog/Ward/Breed/Rename...)

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The default skin, Portal 2, Mobile, and Portal 2 Light all show the site time.


Really, St. Patrick's Day (and 1960s, which is pretty much the same design but in a different color) is the only one that doesn't. If anything, that should be fixed, which leaves leaves this suggestion pretty unnecessary.

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