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Name That Dragon!

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Like most Forum Games, this game has rules.


1. Look at the scroll of the person who posted directly above you.


2. Pick any adult dragon or frozen hatchling that isn't named, following the previous person's preference, ie not choosing a Gold Dragon if they say "Not naming my Metallics".


3. Copy the lineage link and paste. Say 'Name That Dragon!' (Yes, you really do have to say it like that.)


4. If the person posted 'Taking Suggestions!', you are allowed to introduce a naming idea. Its best to go for ideas rather than direct names. Like "Perhaps something with the word Watermelon in it." They can choose whether or not to use the idea, but that happens.


5. Now post whether or not you are taking suggestions for naming your dragons. Be sure to add if you are not naming certain breeds or lineages at the moment. Wait for the next person to post.


6. Go to the dragon they chose, and give it a name, a proper one, not just gibberish. It is up to you whether or not you take the previous person's suggestion.


7. When you have named your dragon, either in your previous post or your next one, include the lineage link with the name. This way, we'll know you actually named it.


8. Please do not post if you have three dragons that were chosen and still are not named. Name those before you come back. We like to know we are doing some good here.


9. Please do not post if you do not have at least one unnamed dragon.


Have fun!




Since no one's posted before me, I'll wait for a someone to chose one of mine.


Taking suggestions!


Not naming my Cheeses, Metallics or Holidays.

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how about either golden sunlight, golden sun, sunkissed, sunkissed flower, sunkissed beauty, sunlight kisses, sunlit kisses, sunlit star, sunlit queen, sunshine star, sunshine kisses, etc


i havent checked if these names are available though






wrapped up mint, christmas mint paper, wrapping mint, minty christmas, minty present, etc


i havent checked if these names are available though

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https://dragcave.net/view/qDMkZ Name That Dragon!


Taking Suggestions! The unnamed seragamma wyvern is not up for naming.


Edit: Since the person above didn't choose a dragon for Kanaye to name, I'll pick one for them too.


https://dragcave.net/view/N93JE Name That Dragon! Maybe name it something about stars and purple?



A suggestion from before was named!


https://dragcave.net/lineage/N6gpB I named it "Wrapped in Mint Leaves"

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champagne supernova, nebula wine, grape star, etc


i dont know if these names are taken though

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CellyBean, please read the rules.


I'll chose one of yours, PeachyCupcake525.




https://dragcave.net/lineage/L4llA - Name that dragon!


Perhaps something with Silver in it.



Taking suggestions.


Not naming my Cheeses, Metalics or Holidays!


https://dragcave.net/lineage/hfVSp - I named it Sunbeam Reflection

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