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A Shelter for Fiends

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A maximum of four people will be accepted into this rp! First come first serve!

Spots taken: 3


Time and development of human civilization has displaced many of the supernatural societies. Some, like vampires, live nocturnal lives in large cities easily. But nymphs and beasts are further and further driven from their homes. Unable to blend into society, many refuges have been set up around the globe.


Located in Washington, Sunrise Sanctury is a refuge for the Supernatural, otherworldly, or otherwise magical. Run by sisters Eliana and Tairet, the secluded, forested estate is comfortable and spacious. Disguised as a farm, many humans buy local produce from the area.


As the home grows fuller, however, more and more people are growing suspicious. Man and monster alike are going missing. Human deaths are beginning to look less and less like coincidences. Monster hunters grow closer each year, and the sisters' efforts only go so far. The sisters work hard to keep balance between their sanctuary and the outside world, but they fear something else may be behind this growing unrest.


This place is meant to be safe. But as less and less sanctuaries are up and running, many have nowhere else to turn to.






-All standard DC rules apply

- No powerplaying/godmodding

- No Gary/Mary Sues

- Characters are allowed to be powerful, just...not mind-blowingly so

- A minimum of 4 sentences is required per post


Sheet template





Gender ID:








Accepted Sheets:


Username: shadow_claw

Name: Eliana

Age: unknown, appears mid thrities

Gender ID: female

Race/species: tba

Appearance: Here

Personality: Eliana is a naturally maternal person; taking care of people is innate to her. As such, she is domestic and doting. However, like most mothers, she is stern in her beliefs and is not to trifled with. Her kindness is not to be confused with weakness.

History: tba

Powers/Abilities: tba

Other: Often wears white or cream-colored clothes


Username: shadow_claw

Name: Tairet

Age: unknown, appears mid thirties

Gender ID: female

Race/species: tba

Appearance: here

Personality: Tairet, although caring, is not as openly affectionate as her sister. In fact, she is callous and rude. Her fierce temper and obvious impatience makes her the sister most tend to avoid. However, she has a soft spot for children.

History: tba

Powers/Abilities: tba

Other: often wears red


Username: shadow_claw

Name: Magnes Areh

Age: old, appears about 30

Gender ID: demiboy, he/him pronouns

Race/species: Harpy

Appearance: Like all harpies, Magnes's base structure looks something like This. His feather pattern and coloring, however, is that of a peacock.

Personality: Magnes is kind a sweet, but flighty and easy to scare. He's a total pushover, choosing to flee instead of fight if he feels threatened. However, like other harpies, he is prone to violence on smaller creatures and is attracted to bloodshed.

History: will be revealed in plot.



-talons and sharp teeth used as weapons

- can fly at incredibly fast speeds

-moderate storm/weather manipulation



Username: shadow_claw

Name: Niamh Aongus

Age: 240

Gender ID: Fluid, but usually female

Race/species: Faoladh


Human Appearance: Niamh is generally average in height standards, but is built sturdy. Her square shoulders and barrel chest make her seem much shorter than she actually is, however. Her skin is on the pale side and is dotted with freckles. Her long, wavy brown hair is always tied up into a neat bun, for when it isn't, it's all over the place. Her usual clothes are casual but appropriate; a button-up shirt and dark jeans are her go-to. Other than this, Niamh has a very long, deep scar running from the top of her cheekbone to the bottom of her jaw.

Wolf Appearance: From all accounts, Niamh is a ruddy color. The darkest pigment, a deep brown, runs from the tip of her nose, down her spine, and ends at her tail. The fur color lightens in pigment the further one looks. Her fur becomes a reddish on her underside, but fades to white at the ends of her paws. Niamh's usual, pale green eyes are replaced with a pale yellow. Her signature scar remains in this form, and no fur grows there.

Personality: Niamh is...a very spirited, serious woman. Her strong will and abrasive sense of justice makes it that she has few friends. Although largely independent, she is often the first to question the well-being of friends and family. There's no doubt she cares, but she's often very stern and harsh. She's patient, quiet, and observant. Nothing gets past her. Be it a soft sigh or a tense friend, Niamh is quick to pounce on issues.

History: Niamh grew up in Ireland, where she was human up until the age of 30. From there, she was granted the task of becoming a Faoladh and guarding her home village. However, this was the dawn of the industrial age, and as such, people were soon able to defend themselves. Fae do not like iron, after all, and Ireland's skies were dark with coal-firing steel. She moved to America with a immigrant family, first serving as a personal guard. Later, as time progressed, she enrolled with the police, and later the FBI. She now works as a travelling agent in supernatural disturbances.


- Transformation: Niamh can take two forms as a wolf: one that is completely canid, and one that is humanoid. Both are about equal strength and speed. If wearing her wolf skin, her abilities are stronger than when she doesn't wear it.

- Superhuman senses: Niamh's sight, smell, and hearing are superior to that of both man and wolf, allowing her to detect what many cannot.

- Superhuman strength and speed: Niamh's strength surpasses that of both man and beast, allowing her to do things many find impossible. She, too, is incredibly swift.

Other: Her wolf skin is not necessary to wear. However, her powers are much stronger when she does wear it.

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Username: pudding

Name: Noodles

Age: 25

Gender ID: Male

Race/species: Selkie


Leopard Seal Form

Human Form By shedding his seal skin, Noodles is able to adopt a human form. In this form, Noodles appears pale, although noticeably a bit grey if one can see past his unnatural beauty. He has dark freckles across his back and shoulders, as well as a few spots here and there on his chest although they are noticeably sparse compared to his back. He does retain very pointed teeth and somewhat reflective, black eyes, as well as a flat noise reflective of his origins as a Leopard Seal. He is very muscular, although not in the traditional ‘toned’ methods most humans are used to, but rather more practical muscle that comes from hunting in the wild. His hair is long and flows down past his shoulders, although sometimes he may choose to tie it into a bun with pieces of seaweed to keep it out of his eyes. Because of his abilities as a Selkie, this form appears unnaturally attractive to other humanoid creatures, although it influences non-magical ones more than magical ones. This usually causes people to overlook the unusual parts of his appearances including his eyes, skin and teeth.

Partial Seal Form: By only partially shedding his skin, Noodles can only reveal parts of his human form. This is usually used to retain his seal bottom and human top, making him look like the seal equivalent of a mermaid. However, he can shed his skin in other, unusual ways, usually as party gags like the body of a deal but the legs of a human.

Personality: Noodles is a curious, playful Selkie who yearns to know more about humans. While his curiosity as a leopard seal did not cause him much harm due to being near the top of the food chain, as a human this curiosity tends to get him in trouble. He tends to be loud and unfortunately responds to stress aggressively. Despite appearing like a human, growing up in the ocean has made him much more like an actual leopard seal and more likely to respond like one.

History: Noodles, like many Leopard Seals Selkies, grew up rather solitary after his mother decided he was fit enough to survive by himself. He didn’t have much contact with humans after this point and, because leopard seals-and thus also leopard seal selkies-are not very social creatures, did not find much use in a name. As he grew older, however, he became more and more interested with humans that lived near the oceans. He eventually befriended a young human boy and played with him in exchanged for unusual human foods and learning how to speak. He grew to like one food in particular-noodles-and without another name he took the name of his favorite food so it would be easier to speak with his new friend.

Unfortunately, his human friend moved away from the seaside and, not wanting to lose his only connection to another person, Noodles shed his skin and walked on land for the first time. With a limited knowledge of humans and nowhere else to go, he quickly found himself lost in the forest and all alone, but with no idea where the sea was and no way to return home.


-Turning from seal to human by shedding his skin. Even while in his human form, he still retains the physiology of his seal form including the ability to hold his lungs for much longer and a resistance to the pressures of the ocean, as well as a resistance to the cold. If his skin is stolen, he cannot turn back into a seal without recovering it first.

-Supernatural beauty that entices animals of all relevant species (Meaning that he retains this beauty as a seal and attracts other seals, but is also beautiful in his human form and attracts humanoid creatures)


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Hmm....I'd be quite interested in joining as well, if it'd be okay for me to use one of my dragon shifters? Even if not, I know another character I can use...

Edited by CharonDusk

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As long as your character isn't incredibly over powered, I don't see why not.

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Are these okay?


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Winter Charon

Age: Appears early 30's, really is closer to 400

Gender ID: Male

Race/species: Ice Dragon

Appearance: Human Form - Standing at roughly 5 feet 3 inches and with a slender yet well-toned physique, Winter bears an almost feminine appearance; thin lips tinted a dark blue/purple hue and almond eyes of a shade of blue so pale as to be almost white, all set in a narrow face with sharply defined features. Straight black hair, long enough to brush the floor, is almost always worn down, though on rare occasions he will tie it up in a tight braid. Underneath his clothes – a floor-length dark purple coat over a black shirt and black pants, - are a multitude of scars, criss-crossing his entire body, some small and barely noticeable while others are huge, and the only accessory he wears is a thick leather band on his left wrist which has a small clear stone set in it. The only signs of his true self in this form are his pupils, which are thin and diamond-shaped like those of a snake, and a line of pale blue scales down his spine which start at the base of his skull.

Dragon form - Here

Personality: Winter is a stoic, silent individual, coming across as completely disinterested in everything around him. He rarely says more than a few words, even when in a conversation with someone, and can be quite blunt, resulting in him appearing rude when, in reality, he's just painfully honest. He sees little point in interaction that has no meaning other than to interact for the sake of it, though he is polite enough to not just walk away from someone talking to him, but not polite enough to refrain from giving heavy doses of sarcasm to anyone talking to him for too long.

Underneath the apathetic facade, however, is a man who is on permanent alert. Everything happening around him is noticed and surveyed, as he is always on the watch for anything that could be a threat. Indeed, the only time he will appear interested in something is when he thinks it might be dangerous, so if he takes an interest in a person, they should be wary: he has no sense of mercy, and anyone deemed a threat will be "dealt with", especially if they're foolish enough to mess with his ward.

History: Winter rarely talks about his past, with the following being all he will say: he was born into a small but close flock of dragons who resided in the highlands of Scotland, the youngest of five brothers with the only other members of the flock being his siblings, their parents and paternal grandfather. Due to their small family, it was relatively easy for the dragons to survive with very little human interaction, feeding on the deer, wolves and other fauna as they had done for several centuries.

It was peaceful, but it couldn't last. As humans pressed further into their territory, the flock chose to flee rather than fight, eventually finding themselves taking human form and boarding a boat for the new world.

After this, Winter becomes evasive, refusing to talk about his past. He mentions how he became the main carer for his twin nephews after the death of their father, his older brother Mana, and that he left the flock shortly after the twins did, and that for most of his life he was in a profession he describes only as "lucrative but dangerous", though he claims this is behind him now. But that is all he will say.

Powers/Abilities: Shift - Using the magic contained in the stone in his bracelet, Winter can shift between his human and Dragon forms. While transforming to a Dragon is relatively easy, since it's his natural form, turning from Dragon to human is much more difficult, exhausting him and taking some time to complete. Were something to happen to the gem, he would be unable to shift.

Cold Aura - Winter has an aura of permanent cold surrounding him, ranging from a cool air to able to instantly freeze anything he touches. He has some basic control over it, but it varies with his emotional state - the more emotional he is, the less control he has.

Ice Manipulation - Winter can manipulate ice, from forming walls and spikes to throw to freezing an opponent solid. However, this power is quite treacherous, as it relies heavily on his environment - in a place covered in snow he would be almost unstoppable unless faced with fire magic, but in conditions even slightly above a few degrees, it's next to impossible for him to use his powers with extreme, exhausting effort. Even worse, as temperature climbs, Winter starts to "hibernate", becoming more and more lethargic and unresponsive, leaving him extremely vulnerable. As a result, he only uses this power as a last resort, preferring to fight with his fists.

Other: He possesses a strong dislike of humans, due to something he witnessed in his past, though he won't say what.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Malice

Age: Unknown, appears mid 20's

Gender ID: Male

Race/species: Shadow Demon

Appearance: Human - Malice possesses sharp, narrow features and lean but muscular build at just over 6 feet in height. His almond eyes are a deep red shade, with reptilian pupils and a small scar running under his right eye, with faint barely perceptible markings running from the corners of his mouth up to just below his cheekbones, teeth that are incredibly sharp, and his black hair has a slight curl to it, reaching down to his midback and is always worn down: all of these traits combine to give him quite an intimidating appearance when you first meet him. Mal wears a black full-bodysuit, covered with a heavy black hooded cloak depending on the weather, and is usually barefoot unless forced to wear shoes. With regards to accessories, he wears a gold choker necklace inset with a single large red stone, and when out and about he wears a pair of black aviator-style goggles.

Demon - Here

Personality: For a demon, Malice is surprisingly timid. He avoids interaction as much as possible, reacting with tense fear when approached by an unknown individual. Pushing the unwanted attention turns him snappish, and if this doesn't make the person back away, he becomes increasingly venomous, though he is unlikely to become violent except under certain circumstances. If his barbed tongue still doesn't work, he falls into silence, responding with mere grunts and growls.

If someone were to continue to push even past this sullen finale, they would find an individual who is consumed by anxiety and pain, and perhaps just maybe find the real Malice, the one who is a surprisingly playful and cheeky creature. But this Malice is hidden deep within, and would take a long time and extreme patience to unearth.

History: TBA

Powers/Abilities: Shadow Manipulation - Malice can manipulate shadows, giving them a physical form - mostly whips/tentacles - with which he attacks. Due to the nature of his power, using it in well-lit places is near impossible.

Familiars - Malice has a number of familiars, small shadow creatures that are permanently near him. They are sapient, though they will rarely do anything without Malice telling them to, and they are also extremely photosensitive, dying in strong sunlight. On their own, they're no threat and normally only on a scouting mission, but as a group, they can be formidable in dark areas.

Demon Form - Unlike Winter, Malice can shift forms as and when he pleases, feeling little physical exhaustion from doing so, unless he were to do so multiple times. In his demon form, he can shift from physical to incorporeal, making him difficult to hit, as well as increasing both his physical and magical strength. However, there is a high cost: his natural photo-sensitivity is greatly heightened in this form, with even a flashlight able to cause severe pain while strong enough sunlight would cripple, if not outright kill him. As well as this, while he is stronger he does not possess the stamina of his human form, so a prolonged fight would leave him at a severe physical disadvantage quite quickly.

Other: The photo-sensitivity of his demon form carries over to his human form, albeit not as strong, resulting in him rarely going out in the day unless heavily protected.

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This....seems enticing. What are the chances of me reserving that last spot?

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