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I became very curious about this game. I love dragons and middle-age mystic, magic... I play HOMM 3 In The Wake Of Gods Era II mod, which is a great game.


Now I want to concentrate on this game. So what's it all about? What do I have to do?


I'm from Finland and I'm a songwriter, and also interested about investing.



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Hello and welcome! This game is an adoptables game where you catch dragons and raise them to adulthood, or freeze them as hatchlings. You can kill them to try to create zombie dragons, or try to make Neglected dragons (we can't discuss how to make them here, but we can discuss our experiments here), or breed them to create lineages. I personally like to catch certain species and hoard them on my scroll (your scroll is where you keep your dragons). I hope you enjoy it!

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Hello and welcome to the game and forums. If you have any questions or need help learning the ins and outs of the game or forum, we have The Mentoring Project that can be really helpful. Hope you have fun.

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Welcome to DC!


If you have any questions after reading the help pages, feel free to ask over in Help! ^^

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Thanks all! Yet I tried to create new species of dragons to HOMM 3, but I just shared ideas, didn't do the work LOL.


Well, here are a few cool ideas:


Celestial Dragon - it seems dragons are hardly connected to Deities. I think this dragon could be able to resurrect other dragons, except undead dragons.


Dracolich - a combination of an undead dragon and an undead lich, is featured in the HOMM 3 In The Wake Of Gods. That already exists. A new feature: Could also be able to resurrect undead dragons.


Infernal Dragon - a new idea of mine - a dragon that represents the evil.


My username is from my own campaign originally created for HOMM 3 Complete, which I am currently trying to finish in HOMM 3 In The Wake Of Gods Era II. I can share the game with you folks if you are interested!


Peace! rolleyes.gif

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