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I've been playing for years, only joined the forums to ask why my dead eggs hadn't disappeared for 3 weeks and then they disappeared >.>

I won't post much, 36+ hour work weeks and a full time college student, I just suck at browsing forums :x

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Hello and welcome! Yes, dead eggs and hatchlings (gravestones) disappear from your scroll exactly two weeks after their time of death.


From the FAQ:


Q: How do I get rid of a dead egg or gravestone?

A: Two weeks after death, dead eggs and tombstones will be automatically removed from your scroll. There is no way to speed this process up, and there is no other way to get rid of dead eggs rather than waiting.


I definitely understand about posting sporadically, I dropped out of some sites altogether during my seven years of college. Good luck in school, what are you majoring in?

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Hello and welcome to the DC forum.


To add your scroll or Incubator link to your signature. The link is on the Top of your scroll it says

"If you would like to show this page to others, give them the following link":

and Your Controls are at the top of this page.


Board rules Please read. ~If you find something listed you don't understand, always feel free to pm a Mod.~



Frequently Asked Questions, READ BEFORE POSTING A NEW TOPIC

~This topic is very large, just bookmark it for later and refer to it first when you have a question.~



~This link is Site Help. Its a easy run-down on how to's. ~



Dragcave actions. ~ How to use the action options on your scroll and what they do.~



Egg Limits.



Forum Help files.~ Help, how to's for the forum.~



Places to post your eggs.

~This is the link to the pinned topic, It gives basic info on the sites available, to post your eggs/hatchlings.~


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Welcome to DC!


Maybe you miscalculated the time on your dead eggs? o_O Not too big a deal since they did finally disappear, though, lol.

I went inactive for a year during my undergrad, so I definitely understand your time. Hope your studies go well!

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Hello and welcome to the forums.I definitely understand about life keeping you busy. Good luck with your schooling.

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