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Aeon Wyvern BSA tweak?

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hey so someone posted something the same topic but it didn't have what I was going to talk about so here we go—does anyone else think aeons should be able to tell you if you got alts, for dragons that have rare alts you cant see until they've hatched? maybe the aeons shouldn't do it since there's only a few dragons that are like that (dark green and black are the only ones that come to mind) but I think it could be helpful.


And, if not the aeons, maybe some other dragon for the bsa? Idk about that, since its such a small addition, but maybe. What would we call it then if you think that should be?

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No I don't, for one. And this has already been suggested:




Where TJ posted (last post):


For the vast majority of alts, it's completely undetermined until the egg hatches. That means it's not possible to predict/display ahead of time.


So the suggestion that undines could do this




wouldn't work either.

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This was actually part of the original proposal for the BSA, IIRC.


Now, shooting it down the last time because "that's not how things work" was a bit of a lazy answer. As with most things code, there's a way around it (change how the eggs work; or leave the alt undetermined unless you use the BSA, at which time we randomly roll which alt it will be). A more clarifying addendum would be to add that "the breeds for which you cannot tell if an egg is alt are generally intentionally left undetermined"--if I was going to add a way to figure out which eggs are alt or not, we'd likely be better served by just going back to having separate eggs sprites.


On an unrelated note, this happens to be a good example of the XY problem.

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