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Hi Guys!

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Hey! I've been on the main site for a couple months now, but I'm just joining the forums today. I'm kinda lost with forums right now, but I'm sure I'll find my way eventually ^^

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Hello and welcome! Love your username, Salazzle will be in my party for my Pokemon Sun playthrough.


News is where you go to get site news, Suggestions/Requests is where you read/post suggestions to improve the game/forum, including new BSAs (breed-specific actions like Teleport) and dragon species. Help is where you ask questions and find answers to questions users have asked, Site Discussion is where we discuss all things Dragon Cave. Trades, Ask-A-Mod, fansites, and introductions are all done here. General Discussion is where we discuss everything non-Dragon Cave related, Video Games is where we discuss any video game, Multimedia is where we discuss music, movies, books, and our own works, and Forum Games is where we play games with each other and hold raffles. Role-Playing is where we RP; we have Dragon Cave RPs, freeform RPs, unapproved RPs, and RPs that don't fall in any of these categories that we put into the Other RPs section.


That's a quick Cliff's Notes rundown of the forum. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. There's a lot of great things here, like the Common Collector's Competition, where you can be given rares just for raising commons. Might be a good opportunity for you. Or you can request useful BSA dragons in the BSA Gifters thread. ^^


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us over in Help!

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