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Got pets? Lemme see 'em.

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I haven't posted pics of my Hippie here? Huh. This is my baby, the light of my life, Hippie. Got him from the Humane Society a little over a year ago, after my previous wonderful doggie died unexpectedly. Hippie is the cuddliest doggie I've ever had, although he's having a bit of a separation anxiety issue lately after being left alone too much while I was in the hospital (my mom lives with us, so it wasn't like he was totally alone while I was gone, but she often spent 12+ hours with me at the hospital at a time.)







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My kittehs:



Laci on the left and Lexi on the right.  No, I didn't name them.  They're both 5 1/2, not littermates, their birthdays are about 3 weeks apart.  Their former owner moved out of the house we moved into (roommate situation) and wouldn't/couldn't/didn't seem to want to take them. :dry:  I was OK with it, I'd been wanting a cat for a very long time.  Laci would actually be Siamese colored if she didn't have so much white.  She's also toothless, she apparently had some kind of infection as a kitten and had to have all of her teeth pulled.  Doesn't slow her down a bit, she scarfs the treats faster than Lex. She's also a quite the talker.  Lexi is dilute calico, she's a teeny bit unusual, her eyes are blue, calicos normally have green or gold eyes.  She doesn't talk as much as Laci, but she's getting more confident and speaking up.  I tease them that Laci is a bitty kitty with a big voice and Lex is a big kitty with a bitty voice.  Laci is maybe 1/2ish the weight?mass? of Lex and can have a really loud meow while Lex's is more of a squeak.  Both of them adore tummy rubs, catnip, treats, and daily supervised trips outside.

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snickers_by_jillybean711-dbrqnus.jpg(large photo, oops)

This is smol fluff doggo, and she's named Snickers. Shes a floofy mutt we got from the local veterinary clinic, my parents went in to get medication for my other dog, (below) and there were a bunch of puppies in a box receiving a check up. Snickers was the smallest bean in the box, and was a rescue. We know for sure she's an Australian Shepard mix, and maybe a bit of lab. But we're unsure about her other parent, besides the Aussie.


Trigger warning for story below, just skip it if you don't want to read it.

It was December of 2014, I believe, when local cops were notified of a crank house, (crank is a term for a type of drug) and subsequently arrested the guys(or girls, you never know) that were involved. When everybody left, the authorities had no clue about the litter of puppies in the back yard. It was winter, and where I live, its practically Canada, I jokingly call where I live 'Not-Canada.' So its really cold, like really cold. Once it got so bad the people that went to primary school, got an extra week of snow days after Christmas vacation, so it was kind of an extended Christmas vacation. We referred to as the snow-apocalypse. (but the apocalypse happened a few years later than Snicks' rescue, I just wanted to show how cold it could really get here) The neighbor heard the crying of puppies and went onto the property to save my doggo and her brothers and sisters. We're unsure what happened to mama dog, but what we do know, is that she died and couldn't take care of her puppies anymore. The neighbor took care of them, and brought them for cvheck-ups n' stuff, which is how Snickers became part of our family.



This is large thicc doggo, her name is Bonnie. She's a Great Dane, who is a blue merle. She's a bit chubby, but after going on a diet she's thinned out quite a bit. In this photo she's wearing her snow booties. She's got some health issues, sadly, but we love her anyways. She has problems with her liver, and we've thought she wouldn't make it, but she did. I knew she would. She's a big lover, and she's a happy bean now, with her sisters, Snickers, and Allison, the cat.


085_by_jillybean711-dbrqnjl.jpglol big photo oops

This is Allison, she's the smol floof catto with bright green eyes. We're unsure of her actual heritage, as we were told she's an American shorthair, and I think it's kinda obvious she's not a shorthair. (also, shes not fat, shes incredibly short and naturally slim-built under her, shes just really fluffy, like super fluffy. Shre could be her own superhero with the fluff she has) Some people have said she is most likely a mix, but that she definitely is mostly a Siberian, and upon reading the Wikipedia right now, it says they're hypoallergenic, which means they're anti-allergy, say a person who's allergic to a cat pets Allie, and wont get hives. This is incredibly true, as my parents are incredibly allergic to cats, and got Allison for me after my old dog, Topaz passed on. I don't have a picture of Topaz though, but she was a gray standard schnauzer with cropped ears and tail. My parents can tolerate Allison just fine, and don't get hives even if she plays a bit too rough and scratches them. Allie is a grumpy cat, mostly hanging around my mom and sleeping on my parent's bed. But some days I can get in a pet and a small headbutt(how cats say hello) to her, and on rare occasions she sleeps on me, or purrs. Shes grumpy, but I love her.



Last but not least, this Sabrina. (albeit in an old photo lol) She's a petite little sorrel mare with a star on her head, and her mane and tail fades to black, giving it an almost, 'singed' look. Shes a Morab, a mix between a morgan and an Arabian, but we refer to her mostly as an Arabian due to her petite build and sloped face. She's very sweet towards me, and is rather afraid of male humans, we think she went through some tough stuff in her younger years due to this fact, but she tolerates their presence none the less. She's used mostly for Western riding, but some people have ridden her English before. Big sweetie, and a great therapist and friend.

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Bell and Oscar ^_^


He's a little monster.

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My profile pic is my Staffy.... she is so cute, every time I get home I have her pushing my to floor and lick me half to death XD

I also dunno how to upload a pic to this site, so I change my profile pic :P 

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My family's had two cats so far. The one with the funky mask is our current one, a purebred ragdoll boy called Santtu. He's 7 years old at the moment (will be 8 in January) and the picture is slightly old, I think he's around 4 in this (we got him in 2012 when he was 2). He hasn't changed a lot since the picture was taken. He was practically given away by his original owner when his coat grew 'wrong' - he wasn't suitable for cat shows so he had to go. My mom and I immediately took him in since we were pissed off at the owner's attitude and didn't want him to stay with that woman anymore.


The red one is our previous cat, a mixed breed called Lulu. We got her when she was 6 years old, all the way back in 2000; she lived to be nearly 18, but in the summer of 2011 she inexplicably developed seizures and finally in November stopped eating. We waited for four days - a vet had told us that if a cat didn't eat for four days, their body would start poisoning itself - and then my mom took her to the vet to be put down. She'd also developed renal dysfunction a few years earlier so it was only a matter of time until something went wrong. ...I grew up from a preteen (12) to an adult (23) with that cat, and I even developed lasting habits from when she was still here. I still keep my pillows pushed to the wall so there's an empty space next to my head, just because Lulu used to sleep there. I miss her pushing herself under my covers to sleep on my arm, licking me back whenever I kissed her on the nose, knowing to jump on my shoulder or back when I tapped them... Santtu is just completely different. He never sleeps on the same bed with a human, and has never, ever, sat on anyone's lap. ...I still love him to bits, though. He's such a lovely, sneaky goofball~


...Lulu was truly a special type of cat. We got her from a family with allergies, and out of their three cats Lulu was the only one to immediately jump on the sofa and start to cuddle with us (complete strangers at the time). We loved her for her personality, and she even displayed emotional intelligence:


1. She seemed to understand what a kiss was. Whenever I kissed her on the top of the head or the nose, she licked me back from nose to forehead. ...And I did that often, like once or twice a day; she still reciprocated every single time.

2. She ate anything. She even liked the seafood on my pizza, lemon ice tea and strawberry yogurt. Her particular favorite were green olives... she'd always nibble them if she found them on a plate.

3. She tended to sleep on the empty space next to my pillows at night, and in her old age she started crawling under my blankets to sleep on my arm. She just literally squished herself between the wall and my chest and made my arm fall asleep.

4. She never learned any tricks, but she still understood what I wanted when I patted the sofa/bed/whatever next to me, my shoulder or my back. She immediately jumped on whatever was patted.

5. Not so endearing, but she was very fast at running away if the front or back door was left open for too long. Yet she still never went back to her old family; instead, we found her a day or two later at our doorstep. This happened pretty often so we relaxed after a while and knew she'd come home... we simply staked out our backyard and baited her back inside with food once she showed up. This seems kind of unusual since cats get attached to places rather than people, so instead of going back to her home of 6 years, she came back to us where she'd lived only for a year or two.


Santtu 1.jpg


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The newest member of our family. :3 His name is Sol because I found him in a dollar store parking lot next to the woods on the eve of the solar eclipse. (and yes I also read warriors and know of the other Sol) He was full of fleas and ticks, a yucky draining eyes and nose, anemic, very thin, and had lots of internal parasites. He also has a slightly lazy eye, and moves very stiff as if he has an old injury that's healed up but still keeps him from jumping very often. I have an much earlier picture taken of him from back when we first got him, but I decided to wait until he looked somewhat healthy before taking a newer picture and uploading it here. After a vet visit and some home treatment he's become very pretty and much healthier looking with us. To be honest I've had cats throughout my life, and this one is the strangest in personality. He is constantly verbalizing with us, and has to be by me every moment of the day. He gets separation anxiety if we leave him for too long (if I go to the store real quick or something). He loves to be held and any kind of attention you'll give him. He loves belly rubs and doesn't mind when I massage or pet his paws, tail, ears, or anywhere really (which is the odd part). I've already got him doing some tricks such as "sit", "stay", "up" where he will stand up then jump up to bat at the air, speak, and some point training where I point with a finger or stick to where I want him to go and he goes there. He's also been leash trained. Never had a cat this willing to train or this lovable before.



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He probably knows he's been very lucky to have been found by you :)

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I keep expecting his personality to change and become cranky, but even after being healed up he's staying overly lovable. -says this while cat is smushed onto chest upside down-


What's weird is that he was already neutered when I found him (thought it was a girl in heat at first because there were no male parts and he was excessively lovable). This means that someone must have had him as a pet and that he either got out, or was an indoor outdoor cat (if I stole someones indoor outdoor cat sorry but he was not healthy anyway and now he's mine), or he was an escapee from like.. the spca. I know the local snip program goes around to colony cats but when they release a snipped male they also put a notch in the cats ear in case they catch it again. Spca doesn't do that, but I do believe they chip their outgoing animals and he was not chipped. So idk.


We did put a found ad up and to the spca in case an owner turns up, but I honestly don't think one will.


edit: Sol is also now a fully indoor cat.

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Coconut. She's our little princess. <3



Snowball the hamster. I'm not sure about his gender but I think it's a he?

 Story time xD: I found him in abandoned in the streets a few months ago. I found a cage in the neighborhood one morning and went to investigate, and saw something moving. It was a rainy morning so the poor guy was completely soaked. I had to catch a bus and I was almost running late but I was worried about the hamster getting hypothermia, so I called my mother(the cage wasn't that far from our house) and she took the hamster home while I hurried off to catch my bus. By the time I got home the hamster was mostly dried, fed, and sleeping in a paper cup. And as you can see, he pulled off fantastically! He screamed when he first saw us(and hamster screams are loud :P), but he's readily accepting treats from our hands now. Don't think we'll be handling him that much though; the bites bleed and hurt a lot and we're scared XD

  Very mad at the previous owner, whoever they may be. The cage was small and had nothing besides a hamster wheel and water bottle, too. Not even bedding. :/ Adding the skin problems he had and malnutrition when we first found him, I say he was terribly mistreated. Happy to announce that he's perfectly healthy now!

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I'm bored and looking through old pictures, so here are some of the animals I've loved over the years:



This is Buddy. We had to give him away when we moved. We gave him to a friend and surprise, he was actually a she and she had puppies!



This is me on the day we got Mika, who was the most fluffy little thing I'd ever seen. Mika was a bit of a terror but very popular with the neighbor kids.





Blackie was technically a stray that just liked wandering into our apartment whenever he pleased. Unfortunately I think he was probably eventually picked up by animal control because I haven't seen him in a long time.



I believe I've posted a few pictures of Tasha before. She was the love of my life. She was never supposed to be mine... She belonged to my friend's son, and I was asked to dogsit while they were out of town. I fell in love, begged to be allowed to keep her, and because there was another dog in that household that had a history of attacking Tasha they agreed that she would be better off with me. I got one wonderful year with her before a sudden health crisis took her from me. 



Another picture of my beautiful Tasha.




This is my current doggo, Hippie. That's my pillow. That *was* my fluffy blanket. They are now his, apparently. 

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My menagerie:


Cali kitty, whose belly is actually not a trap, it’s totally as soft as it looks too!



Nivi Salamandra, aka Nivi, when she was just a baby axolotl:



Darwin, my Russian tortoise, surprisingly the easiest of the bunch:



And a crappy photo of my Puff, while he was napping (impossible to photograph when awake because pufferfish Do. Not. Stay. Still!)



I’ve got a 55 gallon community tank too, but they’re impossible to photograph.


Edit: if any pufferfish expert sees this, for **** sake, message me! The store I got him from periodically has both figure 8s and green spotted puffers, but my agressive little jerk looks like an exact cross — I’d think Ceylon but is that actually possible? A Ceylon sneaking in with one of the common brackish puffs?

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Here's a pic of my beautiful baby beans. The black and white cat is Jupiter, and she's my brother's cat. The brown tabby is Venus, and she's my cat. They're both female, and the people at the shelter assume that they're sisters (though not from the same litter) because they were found together. Venus is older, at about 3 3/4 years old, and Jupiter is about 3 1/3 years old.


Jupiter is a shy lil' bean, and always hides under couches, beds, etc. She only really interacts with you if you've got food, or a piece of string. She also always tips over trash cans and such, looking for food.


Venus loves people, and is kind of a cat dog. She'll greet people at the door, rub against them, and play with you. She loves to sleep in my bed with me, though she can be a little loud at times.

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My two lil’ boys Dante (grey) and Vergil (black)

Vergil actually passed away a couple of weeks ago, and Dante’s ailing (he also has three legs), but I’ve had them for two years.



From left to right, Galactus on his first day of being a big brother/incompetent father to little babies Thanos and Uatu.



We have like eight girls I don’t have pics of. My family loves rats <3

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Me and my family have three pets: two dogs and a budgie. :wub:

My first dog ever's name is Bubi - he's a 16 year old miniature poodle who's been with us ever since he was just a baby, he was the smallest puppy among his siblings and although he's got a pretty rough temper (he barks and bites a lot) we love him so much. :wub: He has cataract because of his old age so he can't see, but he's pretty enthusiastic for someone so old. :lol: This is him:




Then we have Tyrion - he's a budgie who is almost three years old, he's our third bird (the first budgie died of chemical poisoning by accident and our female lovebird died of an overly large egg that she couldn't lay, don't ask), and thankfully he's alive and well as we're taking extra good care of him to make sure he lives his full lifespan carelessly. I trained him to give good morning and good night kisses and he's so adorable and clever, I love his chirping 24/7 and how he learned to say some simple sentences. :wub: This is him:




And the most recent addition to the family is Clyde, an English setter who wasn't purchased from a breeder like the other two - in fact, he was adopted after being rescued from a dump. When he was found he was all skin and bones eating a loaf of old bread to survive and he was born with deformed front legs, so he had two surgeries to make them more functional and let him walk like a normal dog. He is super grateful and happy and loves everyone and everything and everyone loves him in return. He's a year old and the vet decided to make his official birthday February the 14th when he was first vaccinated because no one is sure of his exact birthday. :wub: This is him:




These are my three babies and I love them all so much. :wub: :wub: :wub:

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@RWyvern Awwwww they are so cute!! I love rats but my mom says no way.


@*Silver Fox* Beautiful doggies! That budgie looks exactly like my baby, Pretty, that I had when I was a kid. Bud and Pretty, both budgies, they were my first pets ever... I don't think I actually have any pictures of them though.

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16 hours ago, *Silver Fox* said:

He's a year old and the vet decided to make his official birthday February the 14th when he was first vaccinated because no one is sure of his exact birthday. :wub:


That's a great idea! (And an adorable pupper!)

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I have 2 budgies called sky and sapphire. Sky is the one in the pic( he would not stay on my finger). I cant get a pic of sapphire, she is too feisty







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There are some very cute cats and dogs on this page! :D I was out for dinner tonight and a cat came out of nowhere and started befriending me, so I have another pet in spirit. Unfortunately, we had to part ways on the corner when I walked home. A beautiful (however fleeting) friendship. 

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tumblr_p5fpb0XRiR1ush1pgo2_400.jpg tumblr_p5fpb0XRiR1ush1pgo1_400.jpg

This is my new bunny Peka! He's a dwarf lop and I love him to bits! He's also veeery photogenic as you can see.

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Oh wow! What a cute little rabbit @HeDy :wub: Peka looks very soft and fluffy. How gorgeous. I don't know much about rabbits, but how much does this one weigh? And will it get much bigger? 

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