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Okay, if this is spam, please let me know but I feel like this should be under visual media because it's a TV programme.


Having trouble with a program not wanting to play? It might because ABC has dropped from your TV service provider. Only reason I figured that out was because my mum and I went to watch the newest episode of Once last night and all we got was an hour long thing of the DirecTV promise.


What's worse? We never received a notification that ABC was dropping.


YouTube AND Google Movies won't play Once anymore or download for that matter. I am highly upset and disappointed that we might have to wait until it comes out on DVD until we know what happens next.

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The ABC/Fox/WSB contract disputes with DirecTV was bigger news back in January. It wasn't affecting customers in all areas then, yet. I guess this means they haven't settled on a contract, though? I can't find any news past January.


I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to play those channels through the internet, where available, though? That seems weird that DirecTV+internet would block all ABC shows. o_O Particularly as the show is still listed on their site. If you guys haven't called to inquiry about this, that might be a good idea?


We don't have DirecTV so I can't do any testing or checking on my end.

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Well, it is back up now, thank the Lord. Mum and I just caught up on the past two episodes of last week through YouTube. So this can be closed down

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