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From the makers of the Warriors series fangame, Untold Tales, comes Cattails, an open-world cat and wildlife simulation game!

Despite the game not being a Warrior Cats fangame, it retains a lot of the aspects of Untold Tales, with features like a dynamic social system, hunting, fighting other cats, seasons, customization of your cats, and a large open world, but also has all sorts of new and improved features, like full controller support, joining a cat domain, marrying eligible cats, and an even bigger world than before!


A link to their website is found here!

Vote for Cattails on Steam Greenlight!

Support Cattails on Kickstarter!


I'm personally extremely excited- Untold Tales was a huge part of my life a couple years ago, and seeing it come back in a similar way makes me extremely happy. I personally supported their Kickstarter, and in July I'll have access to the Alpha! I can't wait for this game to come out- I can see myself pouring hours into the game already!


Is anyone else looking forward to this like I am? I want to see if I can find any fellow Untold Tales fans here on the DC forums! biggrin.gif

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I'm so excited for this game, I've been following their account on twitter for quite a while already. biggrin.gif

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