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Alien VS Predator: The Fight For Survival O/A

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The Marines has been defeated by 6, an overly intelligent xenomorph, and 6 became a queen. The Predators and the Marines started to try and capture 6 and the Marines did. 6 became their experimental supplier. Then, they experimented with a cat and got a catbuster, which grew up to be the main character. Now, the catmorph is trying to escape and bring freedom back to her mom and her siblings, and herself. But, a lot of dangers is waiting for them.



A long long long loong time ago, the Predators landed on Earth to claim it as their hunting land. The humans worshipped them as gods. They hunt the what-they-calls serpent, which was named Xenomorph by ourself. As time changes, they were trapped in pyramid scattered on earth. As human technology grows, some of the scientist began to uncover these pyramids, and soon find out about both races. They captured the Xenomorph and used them for experimenting and studying.



The base is like the 2010 AVP game, except it's changed location. Instead of the jungle, the coast is out of the base. The base expands to the deep sea, and under the sea there is an ancient pyramid buried, with a button to bring it up around there. The pyramid is large and from the outside, you can see arts on it, clearly painting the Xenomorphs fighting agains the Yauja (predator). In the inside, you can see a huge battleground. The Marines and scientists can be found anywhere in the base, and xenomorphs can be found anywhere. And the predators only shows up near the base/in the pyramid.



No power playing, only things in your power.

You can't kill other roleplayers of the same race or killing 6 early! (spoiler: 6 dies in a chapter)

Do not progress outside of the setting

Post your joining form RIGHT HERE

Xenomorphs can take and use the Marine's weapon if they even know how to use it anyways

Keep it PG-13

Custom Xenomorph species are allowed.

Do not kill the main character.

Very short posts are allowed (since i'm a short poster)

Please only describe the fight action and a few of the results not all the results of the action.

No godmodding (unless you're describing an NPC's interaction with your character)

This is a survival roleplay. Any characters can be killed at anytime and without permission. If a character is killed, you must make a new one. If you don't want your character to die, you must be careful and escape before your opponent attack.

Cussing is allowed as long as you censor it.


Forum name:


Gender (only if you're Marine):





Xeno: Xeno is the main character, a catmorph. She has a cat like-head with the twin jaw and her head is covered in fur, with sheatable spikes on her back,a normal Xenomorph tail and Xenomorph hands. She has amber cat eyes and giant cat ears. Her ribs are showing clearly even when she's full. She is rather funny, clumsy, kind, protective and smart, since she was taught how to speak and use technology by the Marines. She is also capable of running faster than a normal runner. It is said that she is a mutated runner. She would rather scratch, slap, bite and slit than impale and headbite. But when she gets mad, she turns into a raging monster. (Rainbowlight)



6: The current queen.



Vlad: A regular xenomorph but she likes to impale more than the others. She fight alongside the main character.


Most of the Marines



Q: What is a Xenomorph?

A: A xenomorph is a type of alien that is said to be the perfect organism. (Information Page)

Q: What is a Predator?

A: A Predator is a type of alien that is very intelligent and has very advanced technology. (Information Page)

Q: How did the marines came across all this?

A: Who knows!

Q: How was the pyramid discovered?

A: The pyramid WILL BE discovered and explored by the main character in a chapter, mostly near the "end"

Q: What's a catbuster?

A: what they called Xeno herself, since she looks almost exactly like a kitten when she was a chestbuster. Same with the term catmorph.

Q: What dangers is waiting?

A: All sort of things. Turrets, groups of Marines, Predators, and traps.

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