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EvenGen/Checker Lineage Preview

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I hope this is the right place, and hasn't been done before! I apologize if it has, I thought this might be useful for some users.


I play Dragcave from a laptop most of the time, which makes previewing checkers a bit more time consuming than I, a very lazy person, like things to be. So I made this for myself, and thought other users might like it. It's a Google doc file with a couple of tables and lineage view boxes for different breeds making it easy to copy paste them into the table for a preview. Not every breed is in here because I am, as I said, lazy xd.png.

The icons are labeled, M for male, F for female, and X means the sprite is for either gender. It's pretty easy to just put names under the icons, too, if you want to see what that would look like.



You should be able to select 'File' and 'Make a copy' and copy it to your docs for use.

I did leave this one editable in case anybody wants to add icons, or had ideas to make it better. Please don't mess up the file or delete things!


Here is what the blank 3rdGen table looks like. There's a 4th gen table below it in the document.


user posted image
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