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Notathuwed Lineages

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Hey. So, I started a new lineage called... NOTATHUWED

Basically, this is a joke lineage. Dragons from this lineage are named with the surrname Notathuwed.

This will be a community lineage project. Anyone is free to start their own.

Note: PB notathuwed lineages will be more common than the others because the first notathuwed pair are PB.

If you start your own, make sure to report it here with the child's lineage view!

And have your scroll unhidden so I can check!

If you want a child from the original pair or someone else's, ask me or them here!

My own goal is to get to the highest gen possible. What is your goal?


Freezing/biting/neglecting is ok as long as another child from the exact pair gets to continue the lineage.

No reporting fake lineages that is not yours

Do not kill/zombify the parents.

No inbreeding.

All breeds allowed:

All types of dragons in the cave.

Types of lineages:

All types exept for inbred, but PBs should be more common.

Report form:

Forum Name:

PM Link:

DC Username:

Lineage Link:

Breeds of dragons in the lineage:

People who owns a lineage:


People who owns children from the original pair:

Purplehaze, Kyath The Dream Worker, ect..

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Is there a story behind this lineage? What do you mean by "joke lineage"?


What kind of lineages should people build? Even gens? Purebreds? Checkers? Stairs or spirals?


What kind of dragons are welcome? All dragons? Only standard breeding dragons? Only white dragons?


Is freezing/biting/neglecting allowed of offspring?


Is there a form to join? A form to request dragons? A form to register your own dragons?


What's the draw for people to join this? What makes this lineage unique and fun?


You might want to take a peek at the project creation guide to build a more fleshed out first post. People might show more interest if they understand the project. ;3

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Well, no stories. This was originally a joke thuwed lineage, but it was changed because of purplehaze (she owns the original child)

All types of lineages are allowed but pbs should be more common.

All dragons are welcome.

Yes, freezing/biting/neglecting is ok as long as one of the children is allowed to continue the lineage

You just need to report the lineage here (with the lineage link) and have your scroll unhidden so I can check if it's real or not

The lineage is unique, because it is close to being thuweds but it's not. The first parent (not including mine) should be named thuwed instead of notathuwed to fool people in thinking that they're thuweds.

The draw is the same as the others. Making things funny

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9 hours ago, OutlawQueen said:

May I have an egg so that I can continue this line?

Sure! Do you want an egg from the original pair or the recent pair? (trying to get one from them..)

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